Why  Should You Choose ANY-CUT III ?

highspeed label cutting

This machine offers a one-stop solution for laminating, removing scrap paper, and slitting labels. This allows you to focus on other tasks while your labels are being produced. You can also adjust the cutting method for each label, with options for full and half cuts. Additionally, you can use the exclusive software program to directly add necessary information such as barcodes, numbering, QR codes, and date/time to the labels.

The laser finishing technology can handle a variety of materials, including polyester, paper, abrasives, cork, foam, rubber, neoprene, and PET. It is especially effective for cutting reflective film, which cannot be cut using traditional knife cutters. While knives are commonly used for cutting glass fiber materials, they need to be replaced frequently, which increases costs and decreases productivity.

If you want to create a label with a complex image, laser technology can make it happen quickly and easily. Since there is no need for a knife to cut the label, you won’t have to worry about the cost of replacing knife edges. You can use that cost savings for other purposes instead!

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Up to 15,000 labels can be cut within one hour without retooling.
  • The combination of the latest laser technology and vision system guarantees label quality.
  • Performance that serves a triple purpose can reduce time and costs.
  • You can become an expert with only a short training period.
  • Production is possible without space concerns.
  • Cutting and marking can be performed simultaneously.
  • Full and half cuts are both possible at the same time.
  • Various media of different thicknesses and types are supported.
  • Long labels can be cut all at once.
  • Labels with highly complex images can also be cut quickly.
  • Consumable costs, such as the replacement of knife edges, are no longer a concern.