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Digital flexible packaging technology can be allowed to make your own brand packaging. If you think about your pet food product packaging, your first thought might be the breed you’ll feature on the package graphic, or which icons can best showcase the nutrition that lies inside. But it’s important to remember that before you can paint a picture of your product, you need to select the right flexible packaging materials to protect contents.

In addition to determining the style of bag that best suits your product, you’ll need to select material that is both practical and appealing to your customers.

And it should be kept freshness.

For improving freshness is through closures. Common options include easy-to-use sliders, Velcro® closures (or other hook-to-hook closures) that have an audible and tactile feel, and simple press-to-close (PTC) zippers that are a familiar feature in human food products.

Create Flexible packaging with value

So, what do all of these packaging decisions amount to in the success of your product? A lot. Unlike your ultimate customer – a hungry dog or cat – pet owners do not build a firsthand experience with the product inside. They can’t taste the lamb you imported from Australia and that perfect blend of crunch and chew in each piece of kibble. Therefore, you must create packaging with value: packaging that says, “You don’t need to pour my contents into an empty bin for storage.” You want a bag that screams function and promises freshness, so pet owners are reminded of your brand and its value at each and every meal.

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