We unlock the combined power of

digital printing and laser finishing

Fully Digital One-Stop Label Solution, ANY-JET III

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Is Your ‘Digital’ Solution Tool-Free?

The digital solution should be tool-free. If your system needs analog tools such as flexible dies, it is not 100% digital. Well, perhaps half-digital!

Enjoy tool-free operation with ANY-JET III, the only fully digital solution in the market.

Seamless Digital Integration

Printing, laminating, laser cutting, slitting, and matrix removal
– All on a single digitally integrated platform!


Faster, Smarter, More Cost-Effective Than Any Hybrid or Conventional Printing System

The seamless digital integration removes the dependence on costly and time-consuming analog tools such as plates or dies;
we have eliminated analog bottlenecks across all production process.

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Analog, Hybrid , And Digital Printing :  Which Method Is Best For You?

Many think digital printing consumables (such as toner or ink) are a heavy burden. However, considering the time and cost of printing and cutting setup, the digital printing solution is the best way to save costs.

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Producing Labels On-demand!

labelprinttofinish-anytron anyjet3

Digital Printing + Laser Finishing

ANY-JET III seamlessly integrates all production steps and makes them work together as one. You can do everything – digital printing, laminating, laser cutting, slitting, and matrix removal – all on a single digitally integrated platform!

Produce any shape, any quantity of labels without hassles at anytime.

Label producers will set a minimum number of labels you have to order and it leads you to have a bunch of leftover labels and wasted resources.

Automatic Job Changing to save media and production time.

Auto job changeover function allows you to handle multiple cutting jobs without interruptions: it can automatically change cutting positions without operators’ intervention by reading the barcode of each job. AJC function eliminates human intervention, thus reducing labor costs and production time. Thanks to this labor-saving feature, one person can operate the entire finishing process from start to end.

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With our FREE INK COST CALCULATOR,  receive an accurate, complete cost per label & pouch – including ink & label materials. 

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Versatile Applications


Increase efficiency, productivity, and flexibility in short-run label printing

  • 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution
  • wide color gamut
  • high durability benefits of water-based pigmented inkjet printing

Flexible packaging

ANY-JET III can produce high-quality digital label and superior flexible packaging in a single integrated platform. Thanks to the combined power of digital printing and laser finishing, you can cost-effectively create customized flexible packaging and digital label in an automated single pass process.

highspeed label cutting

Laser cutting

ANY-JET III provides all the functions necessary for cutting tasks: full cutting, half cutting, perforating, scoring (for pouches), and different markings. It is suitable for various applications such as labels, tickets, VHB tapes, and reflective films.

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