Diary Label

Dairy label printing with digital press

Dairy label printing is an extremely intricate process that involves automated machinery and top-of-the-line printing paper for the sake of getting a luscious impression on it. First, a design of the logo that is meant to be printed onto the paper is developed using computer-generated graphics and then embedded into the printing machine that contains an array of different structures tethered with each other.

dairy label printProcess of dairy label printing

At first, the paper is printed with the help of an industry-based dairy label printer press that uses 1600X1600 dpi high-resolution full-color CMYK. Next comes the QR code sensing that separates every printing label based on the size and design that it carries. Every single one has entertained accordingly, and it means that you can have multiple jobs in printing delegated at the same time.

Next in the process of dairy label printing is the laser cutting that involves cutting the full-length batch of the printing job that is coming unseparated at specific intervals, thus separating single labels from the batch. Next is the matrix removal in which the white or non-printed surface is being cut so only the design or logo’s side could prevail.

What are other names for dairy?

  • Acidophilus Milk.
  • Acid Whey.
  • Ammonium Caseinate.
  • Artificial Butter flavor.
  • Butter (Ghee Butter is allowed unless you have a severe dairy intolerance/allergy)
  • Butter Extract.
  • Butter Fat.
  • Butter Flavored Oil.

How should dairy products be labeled?

Dairy ingredients must be identified in parentheses following the name of the ingredient or immediately following or alongside the ingredient in a special statement that includes the word “contains.” For example, whey may be listed on the label as “whey (milk),” and other packages might say, “Contains milk and soy.” It is different for different dairy producing companies and how they engage with labeling.

Why Choose anytron for Your Dairy Labels?

anytron has dairy label printing technology and expertise to ensure your dairy labels are the cream of the crop. Our investments in technology offer a variety of printing and finishing techniques that can both protect your packaging and enhance your design while engaging with your preferred audience.

From frozen to refrigerated products, dairy foods come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We work with you directly to ensure your label design, materials, and even adhesives are right for your packaging needs.

Labels for Dairy Products

  • High-quality prime labels.
  • Waterproof inkjet label for nutrition labels.
  • Any shape and for all product surface types.
  • Proven performance in water rinses, condensation, changes in temperature.

Additionally, our anytron any-JET II can match virtually any Pantone color, ensuring consistency across your brand of ice cream flavors or cheese selections. Everything is done digitally at anytron’s any-JET II, so we can mix and match different SKUs all within the same order to help you get the most out of your budget without skimping on quality. Preferably you can check the quality of a few printing labels before ordering in bulk, so you know at the end what you are going to get.


Regardless of the size of your business, we can help you create a label perfect for your dairy product using the most advanced dairy label printing infrastructure. It will be something that caters to the overall aesthetics of your brand and covers the potential service that it is originally designed around.  Contact us today to have us print labels for your dairy food products.

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