Anytron’s compact laser finisher allows J&A to respond quickly to small-run orders

J&A headquarter at UK installs anytron any-CUT III label finisher

J&A (International) is a privately-owned company in the heart of Lincolnshire employing over 110 people. Established in 1979, it has continuously provided the highest levels of quality and service in the manufacture of heat seal transfers and badges to the laundry, workwear, sports and promotional markets. J&A international has 12 more country distributors and the headquarter at UK have purchased anytron any-CUT III laser label finisher. And other branches are considering anytron system.

Why did they choose any-CUT III label finisher?

J&A products include screen-printed badges and transfers, reflective products, heat application machines, label tapes and embroidered badges. In addition to safety, leisure and sportswear decoration, many of the J&A products have been developed specifically for use in industrial environments and to withstand the rigors of

commercial laundering. They used a knife die-cutting machine for this purpose. However, they were unable to meet the demand of their customers for orders involving various designed labels in right time. With the purchase of the any-CUT III digital laser label finisher, J&A is now offering fast delivery to their customer.

In the past, companies used to place bulk orders; however, with the emergence of mid and small-scale companies, the demand for small orders from customers have increased over the past few years. This, along with fierce competition in the label printing industry, has also resulted in a relatively shortened delivery date. Thus, it is the need of the hour for label printing companies to adopt the latest and most cutting-edge technology available today.

J&A primarily employed a knife die-cutter for most orders at the start, but numerous digital label die-cutters have also been sampled and utilized for orders that require various complex shapes. J&A finally zeroed on any-CUT III of Anytron due to its impeccable features. This digital laser cutting machine has no need for consumables such as a knife cutter or flexible die. Furthermore,  has high accuracy cutting, laminating, slitting and dual rewinders. its premier customizable features allow users to change the designs at any point.

This is what the director of J&A, Mr. Charlie, had to say:

“We’ve been looking towards bringing in equipment designed for short-run jobs, and after we found Anytron, BITEK TECHNOLOGY, we decided that their equipment was a perfect fit for what we were aiming to do. Favorably, this machine’s size is very compact compared to another laser cutting machine. It has helped us save space and cost.  Especially, we don’t need off-line lamination and slitting machine for post-process because any-CUT III has laminating, slitting and dual rewinder.  We are now able to offer our customers small quantity labels at a short time through the state-of-the-art equipment that we purchased from Anytron.”

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