Express Label : Integration of digital printing and laser finishing improved productivity.

Label print shop Express Label has invested in any-JET II inline inkjet and laser finisher system from anytron to expand the capacity for the production of self-adhesive labels.
color label print and cut

Benefits of Your Own In-House Color Label Printer & Digital Label Finisher

Need to process an unexpected rush product order? No problem at all when you have on onsite color label printer of your own.
color supplement pouch

How is the Food Industry Revamping the Packaging Sector?

with supplement pouch printing, this is exactly what you get. Not only this but we offer a 24-hour turnaround service which ensures that there are no long queues for you to wait.
inline label game changer

100% True Digital Label Print and Cut Inline

True digital offers a profitable solution for label print and cut converters by maximizing the lasting success of flexographic capabilities, equipping printers to stay current with market trends to meet the needs of customers.
food label printer on demand

The Many Benefits Of Food Label Printing In-House

food label printing in-house allows you to make small changes to the label without having to wait for an outsourced food label printer.