Etimex Mexico Installs anytron any-CUT III Laser Finisher

Etimex Print (Mexico) is a part of Etimex Group, and is an established leading package and label manufacturer in Mexico. They offer innovative label and packaging services, utilizing state of the art of technology to deliver exceptional products. With the services they provide, your products will stand out amongst the competition. Find out how this can happen!

Etimex Print (Mexico) sells label die-cutting, printing, packaging, security labels, and special labels. They have digital presses, letterpresses and analog die-cutting machine, which ensure quality label production. The company initially dealt with the mass-production of labels. They used a label-converting machine for this purpose.

However, they were unable to meet the demand of their customers for orders involving various designed labels in small quantities. With the purchase of the any-CUT III digital laser die-cutter, Etimex Print is now offering on-demand labels to their customers.

In the past, companies used to place bulk orders; however, with the emergence of mid and small-scale companies, the demand for small orders from customers have increased over the past few years. This, along with fierce competition in the label printing industry, has also resulted in a relatively shortened delivery date. Thus, it is the need of the hour for label printing companies to adopt the latest and most cutting-edge technology available today.

Etimex Print primarily employed an analog die-cutter for most orders at the start, but numerous digital label die-cutters have also been sampled and utilized for orders that require various complex shapes. Etimex finally zeroed on any-CUT III of Anytron due to its impeccable features. This digital laser cutting machine has no need for consumables such as a knife cutter or flexible die. Furthermore, its premier customizable features allow users to change the designs at any point.

This is what the director of Etimex Print, Mr. Jorge Martinez, CEO of Etimex, had to say:

“We’ve been looking towards bringing in equipment designed for short-run jobs”

“After we found Anytron, BITEK TECHNOLOGY, we decided that their equipment was a perfect fit for what we were aiming to do. Favorably, this machine’s size is very compact compared to another laser cutting machine. It has helped us save space and cost.  We are now able to offer our customers small quantity labels as well as individual stickers all printed and cut on the state-of-the-art equipment that we purchased from Anytron.”

They are satisfied with any-CUT III digital die-cutter and are going to purchase Anytron’s in-line label system any-JET soon.

The company purchased this machine recently in April 2019 to meet the needs of various customers. any-CUT III has helped to improve the variety of label types and has pushed Etimex Print towards an increased market share.

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