Etimex Mexico Installs anytron any-CUT III Laser Finisher

Etimex Print (Mexico)   is an integral part of Etimex Group, and it is a well-established, foremost manufacturer of packages and labels in Mexico. They are dedicated to providing exceptional label and packaging services that are innovative and utilize advanced technology to enhance your products and make them stand out from the competition. Discover how Etimex Print can help you achieve this!

Etimex Print (Mexico) offers a range of services that includes label die-cutting, printing, packaging, security labels, and special labels. They have an array of state-of-the-art equipment such as digital presses, letterpresses, and analog die-cutting machines, which ensures the highest quality label production. The company was initially involved in the mass production of labels, where they employed a label-converting machine for this purpose.

However, with the changing times, customers started demanding various custom-designed labels in small quantities, and the company was unable to keep up with this demand. This, coupled with the fierce competition in the label printing industry, led to shortened delivery dates. Therefore, it has become imperative for label printing companies to keep up with the latest technology available today to stay ahead of the competition.

In response, Etimex Print shifted its focus to digital laser die-cutting technology, which allows them to offer on-demand label printing to their customers. In the past, most companies would place bulk orders; however, the trend has shifted, and there is now an increased demand for small orders from mid and small-scale companies.

Etimex Print primarily used an analog die-cutter for most orders in the past, but they have since sampled numerous digital label die-cutters to meet the increasing demand for custom-designed labels. They eventually settled on the any-CUT III digital laser die-cutter manufactured by Anytron, primarily because of its unmatched features.

One of the most significant advantages of the any-CUT III is that it does not require consumables such as a knife cutter or flexible die. Additionally, it is highly customizable, allowing users to change designs on the fly. Jorge Martinez, the CEO of Etimex, expressed his satisfaction with the any-CUT III and is planning to purchase Anytron’s in-line label system any-JET soon.

Martinez had this to say, “We’ve been looking towards bringing in equipment designed for short-run jobs. After we found Anytron, BITEK TECHNOLOGY, we decided that their equipment was a perfect fit for what we were aiming to do. Favorably, this machine’s size is very compact compared to another laser cutting machine. It has helped us save space and cost. We are now able to offer our customers small quantity labels as well as individual stickers all printed and cut on the state-of-the-art equipment that we purchased from Anytron.”

Etimex Print purchased the any-CUT III digital laser die-cutter in April 2019 to cater to the needs of its diverse customer base. Since then, they have seen an increase in the variety of label types they can produce, which has helped to push them towards an increased market share.

To find out more about Etimex Print’s exceptional label and packaging services, visit their website at or send an email to [email protected].

In conclusion, Etimex Print (Mexico) has continued to stay ahead of the competition by embracing the latest technology and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to offer exceptional label and packaging services. With the any-CUT III digital laser die-cutter, they can cater to the increasing demand for custom-designed labels in small quantities, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and an increased market share.

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