[CASE STUDY]Streamlining Label Cutting for Wet Wipes – ‘C promotional product manufacturer’

Streamlining Label Cutting for Wet Wipes
– ‘C promotional product manufacturer’

“This versatile solution is beneficial for businesses across various industries
that require labels, regardless of their size or industry.”


  “C” company, specializing in supplying clients with custom-printed promotional products such as wet wipes, has installed Anytron ANY-CUT III, a label-finishing machine with a laser cutter, enabling streamlining label cutting. These wet wipes are delivered with unique design labels customized for each client, often used as seasonal promotional products in small quantities.

They faced challenges meeting short lead times due to outsourcing label cutting and post-processing. Moreover, producing small quantities of complex-shaped labels was time-consuming and costly. To overcome these hurdles, they decided to install Anytron ANY-CUT III, a cutting-edge solution for streamlining label cutting production.

Before the introduction of ANY-CUT III, they relied on outsourcing for label cutting and post-processing, which often resulted in difficulties in meeting tight deadlines. The production process, especially for complex-shaped labels, was highly time-consuming, and the costs associated with producing small quantities were substantial.

 After the installation of Anytron’s cutting-edge solution ANY-CUT III, they experienced a substantial improvement in their production schedule, allowing them to efficiently handle orders of any size or timing. This advanced solution made it easy to produce complex-shaped labels, reducing the time required for post-processing.

Furthermore, the utilization of the dual winder feature, where one roll contains multiple designs printed on each page, enabled them to process two orders simultaneously after cutting. This capability further enhanced their efficiency and allowed for shorter lead times, facilitating small-quantity label cutting.

“The improved efficiency and flexibility provided by ANY-CUT III significantly increased customer satisfaction. Moreover, we could expand our range of order acceptance, leading to a noticeable increase in sales. This versatile solution is beneficial for businesses across various industries that require labels, regardless of their size or industry.” – General manager at “C” Company

The installation of Anytron ANY-CUT III has proven to be a valuable addition to “C” company by streamlining label cutting operations. This has allowed them to overcome previous challenges, leading to higher customer satisfaction and contributing to their overall business growth.

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