How was ‘Y’ Reflective Film Manufacturer’s Problem Solved?

Success Story – How was ‘Y’ Reflective Film Manufacturer’s Problem Solved?

We have shed light on how our any-CUT III resolved ‘Y’‘s problem.

The firm’s major problem was to find a system that could help them to cut reflective label materials. These materials are used for workwear, uniforms, waistcoats, activewear, special service wear, and gym bags etc. for the protecting their decoration and promotional printed label logos.

‘Y’ used a knife cutter for reflective label cutting purpose. However, the company was facing numerous issues with this method. The use of knife cutter comes with the risk of damaging the fabric and pulling the glass off the material. Furthermore, the glass also tends to depreciate the condition of the knife, as a result, they had to spend a major chunk of their income on buying knife cutters for reflective label cutting. The results still weren’t feasible for the company as these cutters weren’t able to cut small and complicated shapes efficiently.

Due to all these issues, they decided to switch to any-CUT III, a digital laser label cutting system, for reflective label cutting. A special feature of this machine is that it can cut materials that are hard to cut using other methods.  ‘Y’ used this machine as a roll die-cutter and results were beyond their expectation. Not only they were able to save cost on knife cutters but were able to neatly cut the materials in a hassle-free manner, without the risk of any damage.

The result after using any-CUT III

Apart from reflective labels, any-CUT III can also cut other materials such as jeans, acrylic, tape, and woven etc. Thus, if you are also looking for cost-efficient and damage-free method to cut reflective label materials, any-CUT III is your ultimate option.

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