Chemical(GHS) labels

Any-002 is the specialized in GHS market application.

ghs label printingMany chemical companies face below issues.

  1. Delivery date
  2. Wasting stock labels due to changing Chemical regulation
  3. Labels are erased during delivery
  4. Hard to print variable data(Bar code,serial no etc.)

That is why, many chemical companies choose any-002 for in house printing.

  1. Printing on demand – it is possible to response rapidly on changing regulation.
  2. Small character upto 2 pt can be printed
  3. Strong durability labels – most importantly labels printed by any-002 has strong durability against UV, water and chemical.

Any-002 is certified BS5609 section 3

BS5609 certificate

Comparing to other GHS printers

Bar code printer Ink-jet printer any-002 8inch laser printer
Ink type Thermal ribbon Water-based ink Dry toner
Dimension Small Small Medium
Color printing Black,Red Full color Full color
Printing width 4 inch 8 inch 8 inch
Media type General ribbon Special coated material General label
Media price Mid High Mid-low
Resolution Low Mid High
Durability Low Low High(Resistance to water/sunlight/chemicals)
BS5609 Certified
MSRP Low Mid Mid-high
  • Produces high-quality, Strong durability labels that promote your products
  • Quickly generates durable and freezer-resistant labels that never peel, tear, or fade
  • Accurately prints as low as a 3-point font to ensure every ingredient is listed
  • Easily creates barcodes, expiration dates, pricing, and other variable data by using anytron RIP

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