Why Anytron

What Our Customers Say

“With ANY-JET III, we can take full control of label production: quality, quantity, and schedule. We can create small-run high-quality coffee labels efficiently in-house.” 

“After introducing Anytron’s printing solution, we can produce exactly what we want when we need it. Thus, we can reduce costs: we don’t need to stack up unnecessary extra labels.”  

“Before Anytron, we had a separate machine for the printer and the cutter. So, there was a lot of waste in between trying to get everything realigned. But once we switched to the ANY-JET II since it was all built into one machine, it was far more efficient, cleaner, and faster.”

“The no-tooling digital operation gives us an advantage over competitors.”

“The ANY-CUT III allows us to print the exact quantity we want, however small.”

“Genoss can save about KRW 10 million per month by minimizing inventory costs. Before Anytron, we had to order more than we needed; we can print the exact quantity we want. We frequently need to change label information at the last minute; Now, we can revise label information until just before printing starts. “

“Anytron is the best in-house label printer. Anytron has driven down inventory holding costs by 50%, helping us stand out in the competition.”

“A must-have tool for custom short-run labels
Variable data printing makes it easy to label seasonal varieties and flavors of vegetables and fruits.
Simple and easy to use, so even a farmer without knowledge and experience can produce high-quality labels effortlessly.”

“Having the ability to print and die-cut our labels gives us the ability to keep up with demand in real-time. Bringing in equipment to print all of our label designs and a digital label finishing machine like the ANY-CUT III has helped streamline our packaging process.”

“Printed serial numbers on our labels were easily rubbed off or scratched during delivery. It was a nightmare. ANY-CUT’s ability to do variable data full-cutting solves this durability issue. ”

“With ANY-JET III, short-run orders become a breeze. It is not for cutting only. You can cut, laminate, slit and remove the matrix in a single pass.”

“ANY-CUT III not only reduces costs but also speeds up the operation.
It has helped us save space and cost. We are now able to offer our customers small quantity labels as well as individual stickers all printed and cut on the state-of-the-art equipment that we purchased from Anytron.”