any-JET II

On-demand Label & Flexible packaging Factory

Making 2,000 pouches in an hour
‘any-PACK solution’

On-demand flexible packaging solution

Introducing anytron

Digital label Pro means
on-demand label printing system supplier.

Two-in-one Label & Flexible packaging solution

Strong durability label & flexible packaging printer
any-JET II
On-demand label and flexible packaging factory

On-demand laser finisher

any-CUT II
On-demand laser die-cutting
Production laser die-cutting

100% digital in-line label finisher

In-line KIT
Digital in-line system enabler (any-Link & any-Flow)
any-JET II
On-demand label and flexible packaging factory

Making 5,000 Labels In A Day!

any-Label Solution

  • One operator is enough to handle the any-Label solution
  • High quality label printing with reasonable investment
  • Making 5,000 labels in a day

The ‘any-Label’ offers an on-demand label printing for small/medium business owners. It is a solution for small business owners who want to print and die-cut labels in their office.

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  • Wondering how anytron machines are operating?
  • anytron says their machines are easy to operate but you want to see how easy it is?

Send us your design file and send us any details that need to input in the label, we will print or cut in front of you. You just bring your smart device and send us request. Also we can send you samples to your office. Please request online demo with us now and we will contact you shortly to arrange schedule for online demo.

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