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A Farewell to Plates and Dies!

Whether you need 100 or 10,000, digital labels can be a cost saver. They give your product the look of professional sophistication without all the extra cost. Fully digital label solution ANY-JET series doesn’t require to use printing plates or cutting dies. They have one of the fastest turnaround times of any of our labels.

The best feature of this machine is that you can produce orders in the same day, from order to delivery to your customers!

Seamless Digital Integration

Printing, laminating, laser cutting, slitting, and matrix removal
– All on a single digitally integrated platform!

Why 100% Fully In-line Digital Label Solution?

Say Goodbye to Costly and Time-Consuming Analog Tools with ANY-JET II’s Seamless Integration of Digital Printers and Laser Finishers

Analog To 100% digital in-line system
Two operators & designer Easy enough for a designer
60min+ job changeover time 10min job changeover time
Plate(CTP) and die making cost & time No additional consumables cost

Analog printing methods, including rotary and flexo, as well as hybrid methods, incur additional consumable costs due to the need to produce a new flexible die every time. Additionally, any changes to the design or paper require a new die to be ordered as the old one cannot be used.

However, the ANY-JET II presents a solution by allowing for printing and cutting using a single roll installation. This 100% digital inline label press combines digital printers and digital laser cutters, with the greatest advantage being the elimination of the need for die-making for cutting, thanks to its lasers.

The seamless digital integration removes the dependence on costly and time-consuming analog tools such as plates or dies, eliminating analog bottlenecks across all production processes. Anytron’s digital solution integrates a digital printer and a laser finisher to run inline, allowing for the finishing of multiple jobs in one process without any downtime.

Producing labels with NO EXTRA COST and EFFORT

coffee label printing laser cutting
Digital label printing Laser die cutting inline

With a label printer, producing any shape and quantity of labels has never been easier. Label producers often set a minimum order quantity, resulting in leftover labels and wasted resources. However, owning a label printer allows you to print the exact quantity you need on-demand, without worrying about minimum quantities or excess labels.

For those who print only signs and banners for their customers, it’s worth considering an on-demand label print and cut machine. With the ANY-JET II inline press, you can offer printed and finished banners, labels, and flexible packaging, providing a one-stop solution for your customers’ printing needs.

Boost Business Profitabilty with Seamless,

Fully Digital Integration


The Most Compact Digital Label Print to Finish

jet2 inline label press small front1215


Nick Walker,

Slumberjack coffee

“With ANY-JET, we can take full control of label production: quality, quantity, and schedule. We can create small-run high-quality coffee labels efficiently in-house.” 

What our customers say

Andy Choi, Express label

“Before Anytron, we had a separate machine for the printer and the cutter. So, there was a lot of waste in between trying to get everything realigned. But once we switched to the ANY-JET since it was all built into one machine, it was far more efficient, cleaner, and faster.”

Jorge Martinez, Etimex Print

“Anytron machine not only reduces costs but also speeds up the operation. It has helped us save space and cost. We are now able to offer our customers small quantity labels as well as individual stickers all printed and cut on the state-of-the-art equipment that we purchased from Anytron.” 

Verseitile Applications

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