US Ticket installs anytron any-CUT III laser label cutter

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Ann Arbor, MI – US Ticket, a long time player in the event ticket and tag market, has recently added the anytron any-CUT III laser label cutter to allow for label production to support their customers and the growing need for custom printed labels throughout Michigan and the US. The any-CUT III laser finisher allows customers to laminate, laser die-cut, remove waste, and slit to size all in a single pass. It runs out of Adobe Illustrator, making it one of the simplest laser finishing systems on the market.

“The any-CUT III gives us capabilities that we did not have at the time of purchase”, said Randy Story, owner of US Ticket. “It allows us to laminate and die-cut labels with the flexibility of not needing dies for each size label. This gives us an extreme advantage over a lot of other label producers in the industry.”

The ability of the any-CUT III laser finishing system allows customers to cut any shape, any size with ease. An intuitive workflow allows customers to load their print files they are already utilizing into Adobe Illustrator and cut their labels based on that input.

Sample test : perforation and full cut

“It really is a game changer for us. With events slowing down due to Covid, we felt it was necessary to expand our capabilities into the label segment, continues Randy. “The any-CUT III gives us the capability to print and cut any size label job, whether it’s 50 or 50,000.”

One particular segment that is demanding a lot more labels in Michigan is the recreational cannabis industry that is exploding throughout the state right now. Each cannabis product needs up to 3 separate labels in order to be sold at the dispensaries. US Ticket will now be able to service these companies and help them fulfil their label requirements.


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