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Impress Your Customers And Increase Your Income With An Inhouse Cosmetic Label Printer

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Print Elegant Cosmetic Labels

When cosmetic and other personal care companies look to send a new line of limited edition or seasonal products for market research, testing or inclusion in specialty gift baskets, they need smaller batches of the cosmetic label print. This, in turn, means the need for an affordable and reliable way to tackle this task quickly. An in-house cosmetic label printer provides the solution to complete the job on schedule with the highest degree of quality.

Many bath supply, tanning lotion, lip balm, soap, spa, aromatherapy and make-up businesses find it worthwhile to invest in a quality cosmetic label printer that create incredible print labels without the drawbacks that come from working with outsourced suppliers. Are you ready to entertain the option?

Why Do You Need Your Own Cosmetic Label Printer?

Meet time constraints with an onsite and reliable cosmetic label printer

With professional printers, such as the Anytron ANY-002, the Anytron ANY-JET II, and the various color cosmetic label printers offered by cosmetic companies, likes yours, can satisfy the needs of customers even more efficiently. For instance, unexpected rush orders from clients are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to meet when it is necessary to wait for a vendor to print the labels. Instead, respond quickly to these client orders in minutes, instead of days, by creating and producing your own cosmetic label print in-house. Say yes to any project timeline that your clients throw your way.

Create countless customized designs for your cosmetic label print without the extra print cost

Tired of the high costs and minimum order sizes involved with outsourcing your printing? With the flexibility provided by Primera cosmetic label printers, you can enjoy complete freedom to create as many, or as little, of one design to meet specialized cosmetic label print needs.

These printers work effortlessly with both Windows and Macintosh computers and give you the ability to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to customize each label. There are no worries about high ink costs because these cartridges are built to allow use of every last drop of each type of ink.

In addition, anytron cosmetic label printers can handle whatever your marketing team can dream up. You can expect the highest quality cosmetic label print with the highest resolution. These printers ensure that your short-run products labels uphold the high quality standards that you have in place for your cosmetic products.

Create a cosmetic label print that stands out on the shelf and attracts buyers

silver cosmetic label print cutProducing your labels on your own in-house cosmetic label printer does not mean giving up the special add-ons that help your product stand out on the shelf. Decorative paper and specialty printing techniques like:

  • Foil stamping
  • Sculpted embossing
  • Screen and die cutting

These can offer many creative and personal dimensions of touch to your cosmetic label print. Tactile effects, like these, can help make the vital difference between products left on the shelf and those that make it home with the customer.

Silver, gold, brushed metal and mirror-finish can help your products express a high-value appearance or celebratory sparkle. Iridescent, holographic and tinted opalescent materials can be subtle, yet stunning, and add a touch of class that reflects a superior product with design intrigue. As a base material, the metallized film can create a unique look in combination with the ink printed over the bright metal. All of these features are still in reach with your own cosmetic label printer.

How To Choose The Right Cosmetic Label Printer For Your Beauty Brand’s Label

As a beauty manufacturer, your main focus when entering the industry is to work hard to develop unique products that both feel and look great. The competition in contract packing is increasing steadily as more small and individual companies are entering the fray.

As a result, there is even greater need to have a unique cosmetic label print design to draw attention toward your brand. The first job at hand is for you and your team to build a positive brand identity around your products and their style.

Your cosmetic label print design is not just any other visual. It has the ability to communicate your brand values, message, and appeal of your product whenever people see your label. So the design and printing of your label requires careful planning to draw customers in and keep them coming back for more.

There are hundreds of bottles, tubs, shapes on the shelf nowadays. People will choose your bottle or sachet if they are drawn to the print because it is unique and memorable. Only then will customers start talking about the experience, feel, and smell of your product. First, they experience the first impression that they get from the cosmetic label print design.

Working With Optimedia Labs For Your Cosmetic Label Printer Needs

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With our ANY-002, the ANY-JET II color cosmetic color label printer, business owners that are looking to produce high-quality labels can do so right in their own warehouse without the need to outsource. With an Anytron color cosmetic color label printer, there are

  • No lead times
  • No minimum order requirements
  • No plate and die charges
  • No obsolete label inventory

ANY-002 can even print strong labels on water, scratch, and UV because it prints using LED toner technology. And ANY-JET II can print and cut all at once because its high-speed inkjet engine and laser cutter are connected in-line. Creating your own cosmetic label print is both affordable and more efficient. Kick your outsource vendor to the curb and get your own cosmetic label printer today.

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