Sticker genius found the perfect fit for short-run customized products

Sticker Genius installs anytron digital laser cutter

Troy, MI – Sticker Genius, a longtime producer of wall graphics, vehicle wraps, and stickers has revamped their offerings with the help of some new equipment from Arrow Systems, Inc. With the purchase of the Any-002 Roll-to-Roll printer, any-CUT I Laser Die Cutter, and any-Slitter  Sticker Genius can now offer roll labels to their customers.

             label printer cutter testimonial“We’ve been producing individual stickers for customers for quite some time with our Eco Solvent and Latex printers and cutting them on our Roland cutters, says Joe K. of Sticker Genius. We’ve been looking at bringing in equipment designed for producing roll labels, and after we found anytron.we decided that their equipment was a perfect fit for what we were looking to do. We are now able to offer our customers rolls of labels as well as individual stickers all printed and cut on the state of the art equipment we purchased from Anytron.”

The move into roll label printing was something that didn’t happen overnight for Sticker Genius. “We were taking orders for roll labels and outsourcing them to some local printers for quite some time. It started to get to the point where it made sense for us to start doing it in-house and with our new equipment we have been able to add the product offering to our website and bring in new business, while supplying our current customers with the same quality they have come to expect.”

             Label printing is one of the fastest growing segments in the printing industries according to Market Watch and other segments. There has been a shift away from mass production of labels on flexographic presses and more demand for short run customized products that are better produced on digital systems.

Our partner Arrow systems, specializes in turnkey solutions for companies looking to enter into the roll label market, or increase their production. “We have a number of systems that fit just about any budget”, says Shaan Patel of Arrow.

“Whether it is an end user looking to produce their own labels or a company looking to get into roll label production, we have a solution that we can tailor to their specific needs. We also help with material selection and have a great team of technicians that help with support after the sale.”

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Anytron gives Slumberjack the ability to produce a variety of short-run coffee labels easily

Anytron gives Slumberjack the ability to produce a variety of short-run coffee labels easily

Anytron Improves CJ’s inventory efficiency

After introducing Anytron’s printing solution, we can produce exactly what we want when we need it. Thus, we can reduce costs: we don’t need to stack up unnecessary extra labels.

Anytron In-House label print&cut solution : CJ Customer Testimonial

In order to export various food products produced by CJ, it is obligatory to attach ingredient labels in the language of each country. In the past, we have outsourced labels to printing companies, and we had many issues such as delays in delivery,