Anytron’s digital solution helped streamline the packaging process of Pacific Innovations.

Anytron’s digital solution helped streamline the packaging process of Pacific Innovations.

ABOUT Pacific innovations:

Pacific Innovations, a company specializing in isopropyl alcohol and other industrial chemicals, has purchased and installed the anytron any-CUT III laser finisher from Arrow Systems, an distributor of anytron. The laser finisher will help the company laminate and cut BS-5609 compliant isopropyl alcohol labels and other chemical labels for its products.


Pacific Innovations found itself in a bind when it couldn’t keep up production due to its chemical packaging process. The company decided to overhaul its packaging service and began by bringing its label printing and label finishing in-house.


Tom Januszewski of Pacific Innovations, said:

‘Having the ability to print and die cut our own labels gives us the ability to keep up with demand in real time says. We were ordering our isopropyl labels online before and the lead times and lack of flexibility for roll labels had us researching how we could do this ourselves. Bringing in equipment to print all of our label designs and a digital label finishing machine like the any-CUT III has really helped streamline our packaging process.’


The digital prints from the label printer are put on any-CUT III to create cut to size labels. Having the ability to cut any shape and any size is especially important when there are a wide variety of short runs and custom stickers. The laser finisher is equipped with inline lamination to protect the label materials from hazardous chemicals and allows Pacific Innovations to produce labels as they are needed.

Davis Tiburzi, sales manager at Anytron’s USA partner, said: ‘Pacific Innovations came to us looking for a way to cut labels printed on a SwissQ wide format printer. We normally prefer to pair the Anycut with our printers to control variables, but we were able to work with their team to integrate the laser into their existing process relatively seamlessly. The any-CUT III will allow Pacific Innovations to have more control over their packaging process moving forward.’

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