ANY-CUT III’s variable data cutting improved Pragati’s customer satisfaction.

ANY-CUT III’s variable data cutting improved Pragati’s customer satisfaction.

ABOUT Pragati:

Pragati Label, located in Mumbai, is a prominent label manufacturer that has been in business since 1962. Pragati has become the preferred partner for many of its customers for their high-quality printing needs. They offer a comprehensive range of printing solutions, including company profiles and luxurious rigid cartons, catering to all of your printing requirements.


Pragati, a label manufacturer, typically uses a flatbed laser cutting machine to produce die-cut labels. However, when approached by a manufacturer in need of highly adhesive roll labels that could not be cut using a conventional machine, as well as full cutting of variable serial numbers, Pragati had to explore new options.

The company searched for roll-to-roll die-cutting solutions that could accommodate the unique requirements of the customer. This involved finding customized software and a full cutting module that could handle full cutting of variable data, in addition to standard functions. However, the cost of these specialized components was prohibitively expensive and not feasible for the company.


During their search for new equipment, Pragati discovered anytron’s roll-to-roll laser label finisher, the any-CUT III. This machine was unique in that it could perform full-cutting of variable data, which was the specific requirement of the manufacturer they were working with.

Pragati discussed their needs with an anytron manager and sent over media and design files for testing. After several successful tests, they were very pleased with the quality of the samples they received. They ultimately decided to purchase the any-CUT III at a very reasonable price, without needing to add any new modules or develop customized software.


“In the past, the serial number was printed on the full cutting label and could be erased by scratches or moisture during delivery. The durability of the label was maintained after full-cutting of variable data with any-CUT III for the customer’s satisfaction.”

The successful installation of the any-CUT III has attracted the attention of current label manufacturers as well as other companies. As a result, Pragati plans to work with at least three new customers in the future, building on their success with this innovative piece of equipment.

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