Text Marking

Variable text and numbering marking

Laser marking on the label makes labels look outstanding from labels that produced in analogue machines. It has unique texture that cannot be expressed with knives. any-CUT II and any-CUT III, anytron’s laser die cutters have the unique function called ‘Variable data marking’ It can be used to marking such as serial numbers, room numbers, promotion codes that cannot be erased on the label.

Bring your expensive outsourcing of tool marking in-house.

You can cut your expenses by bringing expensive marking system in-house. By adding an anytron laser to you business, you can cut costs, and you’ll constantly find new projects for the laser that can add value to the products you sell. You can make gorgeous wine label marked your brand in your  office.

Easy to train employees to run the laser.

You don’t need to learn difficult software when variable data marking on your labels. The software you are using to create the variable data/numbering/text right now will probably run the laser. You don’t need to spend expensive time training and retraining employees on specialty software.

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