Video: Reflective heat transfer film laser cutting

anytron digital laser die-cutter are specialized in reflective film cutting. there is no cost for consumables and save much time for production.

Anytron’s digital solution helped streamline the packaging process of Pacific Innovations.

Pacific Innovations, a company specializing in isopropyl alcohol and other industrial chemicals, has purchased and installed the anytron any-CUT III laser finisher

How did Genoss save U$100 million a year?

it paid KRW 10 million per month and disposed of more than 100 million labels a year when outsourcing to printing shops before, but now it can save KRW 80 million...

ANY-CUT III’s variable data cutting improved Pragati’s customer satisfaction.

The durability of the label was maintained after full-cutting of variable data with any-CUT III for the customer’s satisfaction.

What is the TRUE Digital?

The True digital combines laser converting and digital printing into a single solution