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supplements pouchMarket growth, diverse product lines, increased competition, and more stringent regulatory compliance requires supplement manufacturers to adapt packaging and differentiate their supplements packaging continuously.
By digitally making flexible packaging in-house, manufacturers can simplify the packaging process. Also, manufacturers can destroy obsolete ready-made packaging promptly.

Any-002 Prints Durable, Four-Color Food & Beverage Labels

Any-002, toner-based tabletop printer designed specifically for food and beverage production label printing. For instance, not like inkjet printer, customers can use normal stock media so cost of printing will be reduced and more importantly, any-002 prints highly UV- and scratch-resistant labels that can withstand the challenging demands of food and beverage label applications.

Whether you’re searching for extra-durable labels, extra-wide labels, or our premier commercial label printer, we have a solution for your food and beverage application.

Why digital R2R flexible packaging printing in-house?

Digital flexible printer allow the manufacturer to print roll type flexible package. So it’s a wasteful and inefficient practice to buy pre-printed packaging in large quantities for each vitamin, herbal, and sports supplement only to have them sit in inventory.
Like many supplement manufacturers, you may be turning away these low-volume, private-packaging opportunities. But in digital flexible packaging printing technology, you won’t be concerned about the costs of serving private-packaging customers with smaller orders.

variable data solutions for supplement packaging

powder packIn a global economy, bulk ingredients and finished products are regularly imported and repackaged into individual bottles, jars, rounds, and packs. But with digital flexible packaging, it’s simple to make new supplement packaging that comply with domestic packaging regulations. Enhance product packaging with logos, photos, brand images, supplement facts label panels, lot and batch numbers, best-before and expiration dates, color codes, country of origin, manufacturer’s address, and other packaging content.

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