Why Should You Choose ANY-CUT II Label Die Cutter ?

Increased speed at 25m/min and representing up to a 250 percent increase, with most coated/uncoated papers, film and special media now able to be cut at full speed. You can easy to use in-line print & die cut system. ANY-CUT II has modular designed machine. So, your two step processes of making labels will be become one step process by using ANY-Link with ANY-CUT II. It gives you one-stop solution for lamination, scrap paper removal, and slitting, so just wait and pass the time until your labels done.

Suitable for Office Environment

It is compact enough to fit easily into a small office space and be directly plugged into any office power outlet.


Preventing die-related delays – making, retooling, repairing- will speed up your finishing process. With a fast turnaround time and a single-step digital workflow, your finishing processes become more rapid and smoother.


ANY-CUT II doesn’t need additional tooling costs and human intervention. Moreover, it generates less waste and maximizes media usage.

AJC (Auto Job Changeover Function)

AJC function eliminates human intervention, thus reducing labor costs and production time.   Thanks to this labor-saving feature, one person can operate the entire finishing process from start to end.

Modular and upgradable

Because ANY-CUT II is designed to work flawlessly with Anytron’s printing technology, you can make the most of fully digital integration when you upgrade to the all-in-one digital inline solution, ANY-JET II. Its modular upgradability provides the flexibility to meet current and future business requirements.