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CMWK+W 13inch label & packaging press


What are your expectations

of a label and flexible packaging printing

for your brand?

Do you…

expect to produce small quantities or exact amounts as needed

need on-demand pouch production in addition to labels

print on premium papers like black or kraft

Are you looking for…

a compact office-friendly equipment

a user-friendly printer with easy UI like an office printer

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Problem-solving Equipment!

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Our cutting-edge equipment is here to save the day and put all your concerns to rest

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On-demand label and flexible packaging printing

The ultimate all-in-one digital machine for roll-to-roll full-color printing and laminating. Create labels and pouches instantly, in any quantity you desire.

Space-Saving Design

No need to stress about space constraints! ANY-PRESS is designed to fit effortlessly through any office door, making it the perfect compact printing solution.

Luxurious Looks, Crystal Clear Prints

Materials like black, kraft, and clear look luxurious, but CMYK printing lacks clarity with only four colors. ANY-PRESS supports white color, enabling clear printing on colored paper.

anyflow-workflowsection Easy and Professional

Unlock your creativity with ease! Our intuitive equipment structure and dedicated software, ANY-FLOW, empowers you to create professional-grade labels and pouches with just 3 days of training.

Look no further! ANY-PRESS is the ultimate solution.

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Verseitile Applications

Expand your horizons with ANY-PRESS

– Beyond just labels!


CMWK+W 13inch label & packaging press

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