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Bitek Technology Inc., which has printing technology skills accumulated during the last 20 years, are doing its best with pride as a leading-edge company in the label printing field, again today, aiming at growth and success through the success of our corporate customers. We have been providing RFID printers up to now, and are the No.1 RFID printer provider, since we developed and released the RFID tag printer “Blackfish RFID label printer” for the first time in Korea in 2006 and played an important part in the domestic RFID industry.

We are also providing suitable products to the market for variable small-run printing by developing and manufacturing the digital-based color label printing system, “Anytron”, for the first time in Korea. It is an innovative label printing system used for many industrial applications. We are cultivating a new market home and abroad. Having built the Bitek R&D center and factory recently in Song-do New Town, Incheon in 2010, we are making a new leap based on our capability accumulated up to now. We are making a continuous effort as a Global printing solution innovator who can lead not only the domestic market but also the world market with a spirit of flexibility and adaptability in the present and future markets which are in constant flux.

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We rate our success by your success using our cutting-edge technology


Being a global leader in printing solutions and innovations

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Digital label solution

We rate our success by your success using our cutting-edge technology

Rfid solution

RFID Technology

High performance RFID printer and product information delivery system (for the first time in Korea, and the vanguard of the industry.)