Liquid (Juice)

Digital flexible packaging for Liquid

Digital flexible packaging in-house

For several years ago, flexible packaging market of liquid is not permitted to digital printing. Because it requires high-grade facilities and only possible inmass productive companies which can invest huge budget. But now, more and more, retailers want to use their own food and beverage packaging.

Digital flexible packaging printing press bring new capabilities to retailers business – from bakeries to supermarkets, butchers to beverage makers, and more. Digital flexible packaging printing press allow businesses of every size and application to produce their professional brand packaging in-house on a just-in-time basis.

Outsourcing your packaging can take weeks to be delivered and it will leave you with fewer opportunities to make changes to your design. Purchasing ready-made packaging is one thing, but you may also have to take into consideration the loss that production delays will impact your business with clients or customers. These are the expenses that can go far beyond just the cost of the packaging.

Digital flexible packaging in-house, why?

in-house printing savingsWhen you have a digital packaging printer on-site, you can design, modify, and print your flexible packaging on the same day. It completely eliminates the stress of meeting minimum orders, expensive purchasing rates, and shipping fees. Printing packaging in-house is cost-effective and will prevent you from wasting packaging.

Creating packaging in-house can help to include all the required information but still maintain legibility for the consumer.

The opportunities that in-house digital packaging printing include being able to save time, save money, and reduce waste. By printing your own flexible packaging, you can create clean and professional packaging that are easy to modify.

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