Testimonials : Jeil first to install Anytron ANY-JET III Inline Label Press

Jeil first to install Anytron ANY-JETIII,
Digital Inline Label Press with Laser Finishing

“When it comes to the short run and custom design labels,
the Anytron ANY-JET III stands head and shoulders above anything else on the printing market.”

Jeil label printing company anytron

Jeil printing, a prominent supplier of self-adhesive labels in the region, recently unveiled the installation of the first Anytron ANY-JET III Digital Inline Label Press in Korea. Following the installation, Jeil experienced a remarkable shift in its operations, with over 40 percent of its production volume transitioning from flexo to digital.

any001 label converter

Jeil label converter has been supplying essential labels and tags to leading Korean companies in the automobile, chemical, and shipbuilding industries in Ulsan since 1988.

They are the first site in Ulsan to install the roll-to-roll digital label printer ANY-001, which enabled them to fulfill short run jobs that were previously challenging to achieve. Since then, consequently, they have been steadily increasing sales by providing high-quality labels in small volume to customers. Furthermore, they have also added ANY-002, the successor model of ANY-001, which they are currently operating.

analog die cutting machine

Before the Anytron inline label press, Jeil printing  faced difficulties due to the time-consuming process of making plates or dies when supplying label orders. Digital label printers do not require plates production, but a die for cutting after printing is required. As the shapes of ordered products become more diverse and quantities decrease, there was a burden of making dies or outsourcing cutting for each order.

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ANY-JET III, a fully digital in-line label press with laser finishing, is a comprehenive solution that combines high-quality digital printing with an integrated laser cutting system. This advanced label press enables precise and efficient cutting of labels, eliminating the need for traditional die-cutting tools, and reducing production downtime using 100% digital technology.

ANY-JET III also comes with its workflow software ANY-FLOW, an intelligent solution tuned for optimal printing efficiency, which allows users to control all the processes from printing to finishing with just one click. Rip features such as variable data printing and CMS are included in the fully integrated software.

“When it comes to the short run and custom design labels, the Anytron ANY-JET III stands head and shoulders above anything else on the printing market. As we saw an increase in demand for small volume label production along with roll-to-roll printing, we were considering high-end digital equipment. It was then that we heard the news of the release of Anytron ANY-JET III. We were attracted to the fact that ANY-JET III produces high-quality labels in small quantities without plates or dies production and had the capability of cutting in a single operation.”

“Anytron’s technology is always perfect for our range of work, but ANY-JET III has taken it to a whole new level. Previously, we faced challenges when dealing with orders that had diverse shapes and lower quantities. We had to create dies or outsource the cutting process for each order. However, with ANY-JET III, all burdens have been eliminated, and we have experienced a significant improvement in working efficiency by up to 50 percent.

anyjet3 laser cutting

“Considering the demands of the market and the advantages of digital, I firmly believe that digital technology will play an increasingly important role not only in the label industry but also in other sectors such as Web-to-Print and major companies going forward. We had some initial concerns about digital equipment, but since the introduction of ANY-JET III, we have been very satisfied with its performance. Therefore, we plan to sequentially upgrade all our printing equipment with digital technology in the future.”Ji Hong Kim, General Manager”

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