Anytron gives Slumberjack the ability to produce a variety of short-run coffee labels easily

Anytron ANY-JET II Simplifies Production For Slumberjack Coffee In Ireland

SlumberJack Coffee is a family-run business roasting the freshest, highest quality coffee beans at its state-of-the-art roastery in Antrim, Ireland.

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With over 1000 products and 50 different types of coffee, they work with many different size product labels. These labels are required to document important product information such as

  • country of origin
  • type of coffee bean
  • roasting status as
  • the expiration date

With such a variety, ordering so many different sizes and quantities of custom labels poses a challenge. Before investing in the AnytronANY-JETII, the label ordering process would take a week or more. Unfortunately, label production delays would also often cause corresponding delays in product production.

“We had difficulties ordering large batches of labels because we needed small batches in different sizes. Not only was it time-consuming, it was also wasting resources due to the required minimum quantity orders that we just didn’t need.”
Mr.Nick Walker, SlumberJack Coffee

The Anytron inline label printer was the perfect solution that SlumberJack was looking for. The Anytron inline label printer can print variable data in full color. In addition, it uses a laser to cut specialized label shapes.

Despite their fears and concerns about operating printing equipment, they decided to invest in the system and bring ANY-JET II in-house. They’ve found it easy to use and achieved huge savings in time and resources.

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The Anytron inline label printer has changed their coffee production atmosphere. Now, they are even able to produce various types of labels in small batches for market testing. They have also seen a boost in customer satisfaction due to the quick delivery speed.

Learn more Anytron digital inline solution : ANY-JET

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Achieving Customized Label Printing with an Inline Digital Printer

Inline digital label printing is a 100% digital process that uses printers and laser cutters, eliminating the need for die-making. It allows businesses to create customized shape labels that enhance brand recognition and recall, while also making products visually appealing.
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Custom Packaging Stickers Roll Labels with Any Shape or Size

Custom Packaging Stickers Roll Labels with Any Shape or Size - Achieve Clear Prints and Precise Cuts, Even in Small Quantities with Inline Label Press.
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Make cosmetic label print and cut with Anytron ANY-JET II

all-in-one inline label solution for customers who plan to create cosmetic labels with unique design. You just need to layout all the label designs, and any-JETII will do all the jobs for you.
pokemon sticker label press

Let’s Make a Custom Pokemon sticker with inline label press

Have you ever heard people are crazy about Pokemon stickers? Let's make Poket monster stickers with anytron any-JETII inline label press
clear milk bottle label

Transparent label for Milk and Water bottle

With jetII's high-speed inkjet label printer, you can immediately print out the various media you want. Not only white labels but also transparent labels are possible!
long label print cut

Promotional long lable print and cut with any-JET II

Making long label sizes can quickly become expensive when sending these projects out to a printing company.

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G Company Adds Anytron In-House Label System for Improved Efficiency

G Co. adds Anytron in-house label system for cost savings and efficiency. Offers complete control, time savings and reduced costs for label printing and cutting. Successful implementation leads to expansion with Anytron.
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Anytron gives Slumberjack the ability to produce a variety of short-run coffee labels easily

Anytron gives Slumberjack the ability to produce a variety of short-run coffee labels easily

Anytron Improves CJ’s inventory efficiency

After introducing Anytron’s printing solution, we can produce exactly what we want when we need it. Thus, we can reduce costs: we don’t need to stack up unnecessary extra labels.