Enhancing Coffee Production with Anytron ANY-JET II: A Case Study of SlumberJack Coffee

Anytron ANY-JET II Simplifies Production For Slumberjack Coffee In Ireland


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SlumberJack Coffee is a family-run business located in Antrim, Ireland, that prides itself on producing high-quality coffee beans. With over 1000 products and 50 different types of coffee, they require numerous labels to document essential product information such as country of origin, type of coffee bean, roasting status, and expiration date. However, ordering custom labels in different sizes and quantities has proved challenging, causing significant delays in the production process.

“We had difficulties ordering large batches of labels because we needed small batches in different sizes. Not only was it time-consuming, it was also wasting resources due to the required minimum quantity orders that we just didn’t need.”
Mr.Nick Walker, SlumberJack Coffee

📌The Problem 
Before investing in the Anytron ANY-JET II, SlumberJack Coffee would face delays of up to a week when ordering custom labels. This was due to their need for small batches of labels in varying sizes, which required meeting the minimum order quantity. Such delays caused disruptions in their production process, which ultimately led to longer lead times and frustrated customers.

📌The Solution

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The Anytron ANY-JET II proved to be the perfect solution to SlumberJack’s label printing needs. The inline label printer could print variable data in full color and cut specialized label shapes using a laser. Despite their initial concerns about operating the printing equipment, they invested in the system and brought ANY-JET II in-house. This decision enabled them to produce various types of labels in small batches for market testing, saving them significant time and resources.


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Since incorporating the Anytron ANY-JET II, SlumberJack Coffee has seen a boost in customer satisfaction due to the quick delivery speed. The printer’s ability to print variable data in full color has also allowed them to produce labels of different sizes, reducing lead times and improving their production process. They have achieved huge savings in time and resources, enabling them to focus more on producing high-quality coffee.


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The Anytron ANY-JET II has transformed SlumberJack Coffee’s production process, enabling them to produce various types of labels in small batches and reducing lead times. It has also saved them significant time and resources, allowing them to focus on what they do best: producing high-quality coffee.

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