Anytron In-House label print&cut solution : CJ Customer Testimonial

Testimonial: anytron in-house label solution

Customer’s review: CJ export processing center

Please introduce export processing center.

The Export Processing Center is a center that collects products produced at each site and prepares exporting such as labelling for each country, repackaging and loading onto containers to make sure that we provide good quality products to customer in overseas.

We export three-temperature (room temperature/refrigerated/frozen) products to overseas, and in order to keep up with growth of exporting,
we keep challenging to innovate operation process and try to adapt Automation in production.
We continue to innovate and put efforts to become the best fulfillment center in Korea

(Labels made in various languages)

There is no inventory because it is produced immediately as much as necessary.

Q2. Please share your experience the reason to choose digital label solution from anytron

In order to export various food products produced by CJ, it is obligatory to attach ingredient labels in the language of each country.
In the past, we have outsourced labels to printing companies, and we had many issues such as delays in delivery,
increased costs due to minimum MOQ, label quality issues due to long-term storage, and difficulties with inventory management.

In addition, we suffered from issues such as interruption of processing work, loss of cost/time due to container locking, and deterioration of work efficiency due to the inability to respond immediately to issues with product renewal/label text occurred in several places.

To improve these issues, we started to look for solution that got offered from anytron, and now we are using Any-002 and Anycut 1 to produce labels on demand.
At first, we were excited to see resolving issues that promptly responded to the issue of labeling and operated the on-site warehouse smoothly.

As a result, any-002 allows us to print immediately on demand, even if it is a small quantity,
and with any-CUTI, we cut labels quickly, it makes us to improve workflow in our center.

Since we adapted anytron label solution, we enjoy benefits such as reduction of wasted labels and cost reduction of label production and we plan to expand the scope of application.

As per now , printing in house ratio has been expanded to 50% of the total volume,
and we plan to establish the goal that printing labels in house 100% by next year.

Q3. Please tell us your expectation with digital label solution of anytron in the future

our next plan is to print labels 100% in house for exporting,
and we are considering to expand the print capacity and adapting additional anytron solution to achieve the goal.
we will continuously collaborating with Bitek Technology and we plan to continuously pursue innovation and efforts to become the world’s best fulfillment center.




Can make 5,000 color label within 2hours

No need for professional technicians

Low-risk investment, but high productivity

No need for die-cutting, easy to print Pre-cut printing




Production Class Laser Die Cutter

15,000 labels can be cut within one hour with no retooling

 the most compact size among the 13inch width laser converting machines

save time and cost by triple purpose

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