Laser Die Cutting Vs. Rotary Die Cutting

Laser die cutting involves uses a high speed laser to cut through substrate. Lasers can be used to make a variety of cuts and do not require any contact with the material.

DOOR HANGER LABEL – Laser cutting application

DOOR HANGER LABEL - Laser cutting application     …

Which Die-Cutter is Better for your Job?

Anytron, as part of its tradition of providing its newsletters readers with valuable information, is back with another important piece of information. This newsletter will help you to select the best type of die-cutter for your business.

[New product launching] easy and fast slitter and matrix removal ‘any-Slitter’

The high speed label slitting and rewinding machine, any-Slitter, is produced to slit mainly narrow range printed materials. It contains matrix removal and up to 7 slitting knives.
CUT III blank cut cutting

Blank cut – laser die-cutter any-CUT III

Digital laser die-cutter any-CUT III (Blank cut- making pre-cut…

Why you should choose any-BLADE knife die-cutter?

The requirements of companies for customized labels for their products can now be fulfilled with any-BLADE. Manufactured by Anytron, it is a digital blade label finisher. With the help of any-BLADE, th