Text marking on labels- Laser cutting application

Text marking – Laser cutting application



  • WHAT IS Text marking on label?

One of the anytron any-CUT laser finisher series cutting function is marking (hatching). You can engrave unique messages your own labels with die-cutting. High quality laser labeling is used in many industrial applications. The CO2 laser removes the upper surface to reveal the unpainted labels. The labeling with data-matrix-code is a very important application in the industry and production. The long shelf life and the precision of the laser labeling guarantee even after years a good readability.

Text marking


  • HOW can laser mark on labels WITH ANYTRON ?

please see a video below first.


This video is making the variable data shoes labels. any-CUT can die-cut, perforation and marking simultaneously. It can cut the small text neat and clear and doesn’t need any consumables.

Advantages of using any-CUT  laser label finisher.

  • The realization of an indelible and durable marking
  • Increased productivity: it is possible to perform marking on the fly thanks to the excellent compatibility of label and CO2 laser



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