Long label cutting – Laser cutting application

Long label cutting – Laser cutting application


The major advantage is that there is no consumables. This is because it doesn’t need to make dies, but use computer control to shoot laser beam and cut labels. Another feature is that a variety of cutting functions are possible. Not only half-cut, but it also has many complex and various cutting functions such as full cut, perforation, and marking.

longlabel cuttingOne of the functions of laser cutting to be introduced this time is “Split cut”. Label cutting machines have each  cutting area such as 200x200mm or 350x350mm. So There is a limit to the length of the label. However, any-CUT series have special function which is called ‘Split cut’. This function that linking laser’s end point and the next start point. Thanks to this function, there is no cutting limit in length. If you want to cut W200 x H680mm label size(or much longer), you can easy to cut the long label by using split function.





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