A Quality Digital Label Finisher and Label -Die-Cutter System

A Quality Digital Label Finisher and Label -Die-Cutter System


A Quality Digital Label Finisher and Laser -Die-Cutter System


While traditionally, a digital label finisher was typically found off the production line, as technology improves, it is becoming more common to have them brought back on the line.

As part of the finishing system, digital technology creates more room in your work space and more efficient label processes. A label die-cutter eliminates the need to create, store, and maintain individual dies, leaving more available space, easier transitions, and less manual labor.

Still holding out on the decision to update your equipment to digital? Read on to learn more about some of the benefits of using this technology and how it can help your label production become even more efficient.


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Benefits of A Digital Label Finisher and Label Die-Cutter

Accept Any Print Level: Short Run Efficiency

laser die cutting labelIn order to ensure the capability to handle large customer orders, you need a digital label die cutter that is durable enough for the high-volume task. However, it is also important to not sacrifice your smaller scale clients in the process.

A truly efficient digital label die cutter has capabilities to handle large finishing production quantities as well as making it price-efficient to also take on small-scale label print projects. With quick and easy changeover times, you will find that they ANY-CUT series and Inline label finisher any-JET II is also price effective at handling short run projects.



Save on Manual Labor Costs: Increase Automation

With the improved technology of the anytron laser label die cutter comes increases in automation capabilities. This saves you time on the print and finishing line with less manual effort used for positioning knives. This improved time comes without the sacrifice of print inconsistencies.


If you are looking for more automation capabilities, the ANY-CUT II, with a web-width of 250mm is an even better option. It can work at speeds up to 25m per minute and handle both cutting and lamination.










laser converting cut3

Click to see any-CUT III video

The newest and most advanced option is the ANY-CUT III, with a slightly larger web width at 330mm and work speeds up to 45m per minute. It can handle many tasks including laminating, laser cutting, multilayer labels, and so much more.









Save Space on Your Line: Available in A Compact Size

Table- top sized laser die-cutter any-CUT I

You can acquire a high-quality digital label finisher that doesn’t take up your entire work space. The ANY-CUT comes in three size options, including the smaller ANY-CUT I that measures only 1.6 x 0.6 X 0.5m. Even at this compact size, it can handle: coating, lamination, and even remove scrap paper.






Introduce More Creativity: Improves Versatility


A digital label finisher and label die cutter system eliminates the need for individual die creation for each project. This does not hamper the creativity available. With the use of laser technology, there are limitless capabilities down to even the finest lines of detail.


These finishing systems also include the ability to add special features such as special coatings, foiling, embossing, and lamination. The label die-cutter can be used on virtually any sort of material. There are some exceptions such as PVC plastics.


VHB tape cutting



It’s time to upgrade to a digital label finisher and label die cutter

cut3 laser system


Imagine the time and cost savings that update digital technology can bring to your business. With efficient short runs, increased automations, and better versatility, all in a compact size, it s hard to ignore the benefits.


Ready to update your label production system to include an inline digital label finisher and label die cutter?


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