On-demand label printer and knife cutter any-002+blade cutter SET

Do you want to print and cut your own label immediately on your office?

You need only small quantity labels and can’t wait delivery time?


Your problem

: You got supplied labels from printing shop and they were facing issues such as wasting stock labels, lead-time and high cost.

  • Wasting stock labels due to small MOQ
  • Lead-time
  • Difficult to change design
  • Label stock cost
  • Hard to small quantity and various design order


What are the advantages of anytron?

  • You don’t need any large space for stock label. You were more than five rooms for stock labels previously but currently we just need only one shelves.
  • Before using the anytron, you had a lots of waste labels because the MOQ is more than 10rolls order. So, you save the label cost by using anytron machines.
  • Short-run-job is possible. Sales department always need short lead time. However, you needed to wait about 2-3 days when we order to label shop. But now, you can deliver many kinds of labels within hours. If designer want to change the design, we totally can accept it.
  • The most important is saving the cost. if you compare the cost between label shop and anytron system, you find that you can save big cost a month.


You might still order labels to label shop. If you suffered from these problems, you might think it’s not possible. I want you to see the future. It is easy to remain current system. Changing something is always painful. But it is the time to change. Imagine how much can save your waste cost and time by using anytron digital label system!

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