Destructive/breakable label – Laser cutting application

Destructive label – Laser cutting application



  • WHAT IS Destructive/Security/breakable label?

Breakable labels are also called destructible or security labels. Use breakable labels to spot evidence of tampering, deter theft, and prevent item swapping, re-branding. The special labels cannot be removed in one piece, so they cannot be reused. The strong adhesive and easily-fragmented material means that it is difficult to remove the entire label; pieces are left behind.


  • HOW can laser mark on labels WITH ANYTRON ?

please see a video below first.

This video is making the destructive labels. any-CUT cuts labels in a complicated design and makes breakable labels easily. You don’t need to buy destructive order, you just cut the complicated line on the label then you can make your own destructive labels by any-CUT.



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