Delving Deeper into ANY-PRESS: A Comprehensive Webinar Review

Delving Deeper into ANY-PRESS
: A Comprehensive Webinar Review


On March 28th and 29th, we hosted an insightful webinar dedicated to exploring the capabilities of ANY-PRESS. With an impressive turnout of over 80 participants, the event provided an in-depth look into Anytron’s CMYK+W 13-inch Label & Packaging Press ANY-PRESS. Attendees had the opportunity to explore its versatility in label and packaging printing and gold foiling applications.


Understanding ANY-PRESS

The webinar focused on ANY-PRESS, a digital label and packaging printer introduced in the second half of last year. This device offers efficient and precise packaging printing results, using an LED laser toner engine.


Exploring Applications: Label and Packaging Printing

ANY-PRESS showcased its ability to handle various printing tasks with ease, from label printing to packaging solutions. Demonstrations highlighted its capabilities in pouch printing and gold foiling, showcasing its versatility in packaging printing.


Enhancing Printing Efficiency

ANY-PRESS streamlines printing operations by allowing simultaneous coating during the printing process. This integrated approach improves productivity and ensures high-quality printed materials for packaging printing needs.


Exclusive Offer for Attendees

As a token of appreciation for webinar attendees, Anytron announced an exclusive offer on ANY-PRESS purchases. This limited-time opportunity allows participants to take advantage of special discounts and unlock the full potential of their printing endeavors, especially for packaging printing requirements.

Don’t Miss Out on the Full Webinar Experience!

If you’d like to watch the full webinar video, please contact us! Additionally, an exclusive offer for webinar attendees is currently available. If you attended the webinar, reach out to us now to avail of this special offer!

ANY-PRESS webinar provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of this printing solution. From its compact design to its versatile applications, ANY-PRESS represents a significant advancement in printing technology, offering reliable and efficient print results, particularly for packaging printing needs.

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