Case study: Houghton Korea installs Four any-002 GHS compliant label printer


Case study: Houghton Korea installs Four any-002 GHS compliant label printer

ABOUT Houghton Korea

Houghton Korea Co., Ltd was Started through a technical alliance and capital joint venture with Houghton International Inc that based in US. Houghton Korea ,a manufacturer of oil and chemicals, installs 4 units of anytron GHS compliant label printer any-002.


Various types of labels were printed everyday as various items were producing, and various labels had to be stocked up, which caused a lot of problems of the burden on label inventory and the cost of disposal labels.

When printing with a printer that prints with ribbon, there is a problem with QR code recognition and a lot of print quality issues since color printing is not possible with barcode printer.


I was contemplating this problem, but I consistently came across to know GHS compliant label printer any-002 through sales representative from anytron, we went through several review processes, and finally purchased 4 units.

“We only knew about the ribbon type printer, but it was great that we could freely transform and use the label as long as we had a roll of pre die cut media or continues media, and one of function that made us purchasing decision easily was that we  could print it in connection with the existing ERP system.

Furthermore, there were many difficulties to deal with fake products that were distributing in the market in the lubricant market, but by inserting a QR code that can only be inserted from GHS compliant label printer any-002, the product are now shipped with a label that can only be used for our Houghton.

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  • Reducing the cost of labels.
  • Cost reduction by more than 40% compared to the current ribbon usage
  • No disappearance or discoloration even when attached outdoors, improving quality and competitiveness

  • Small size (4×4) size of security QR code inserted to use Houghton’s original label

  • Total cost reduction: USD40,000 per year (Current usage) -> USD30,000 after change, cost reduction by USD10,000 per year

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