What is the best for printing GHS color label ?

The best for printing GHS color label


There is an increasing trend of companies looking for latest and cost-effective methods for their printing needs. Manufacturers are aware of the fact that their product’s shelf appeal greatly depends on custom labels. Companies have to face with the dilemma of exactly how much they should be invested in labels and packaging.

Majority of the printing businesses are also keen into reduce their costs of label printing. Some of the quick tips are reducing the size of the label and using an alternative substitute. Nowadays, digital label printing is all the rage and is used for a number of applications. This allows for particular, short-run jobs at excellent quality levels.

Digital Labeling

In order to get the best digital labels for your product, you have choose the appropriate technology for your printing demands. What should you know about digital labels? Well, digital label printing combines the flexibility design along with substantial product cost savings. With the help of digital software, you cannot only eliminate the time and costs which are linked with the production of printing plates but you can make changes to the label designs as well sometimes at little or no additional cost.

Digital label printing is ideal for prototypes and short runs. The customers are able to adjust their labeling according to their products and how they evolve. Digital labeling is also great for promotional labels for both special events and holidays this is because digital labels allow the customers to produce labeling in virtually any volume without the initial investment which conventional printing needs.

So, you have to ensure that you work out your average printing output over the past few years and plot your growth according to that. You have to take into account any of the likely changes for example taking in large customers. After that, look at the printing press that provides a cost-effective output to accommodate your required workload. And, if you have the finances and room, and you are not confident about your output, you might want to invest in different machines in order to divide the workload. This lets you reduce the maintenance costs and improve flexibility.

Here, at Bitek Technology Company we supply label solutions. Today, we are going to talk about classification and features of color label printers. GHS color label printers have three kinds of printers. Let’s take a look at each one of them individually.

Barcode printer

Here are a few specs of barcode printer:

  • Color : One color only (black)
  • Consumable : Black thermal ribbon , Head of printer
  • Advantage: Initial investment cost is more reasonable than other printers.
  • Disadvantage:
  1. Need to prepare label by each color
  2. Not having function of color printing
  3. The label easily coms off
  4. Low printing quality regarding bar code & QR code& a small word.

Inkjet printer

Here are a few specs of inkjet printer:

  • Color : Color printing (a water-based inkjet)
  • Consumable : ink , head of printer , and other consumptive parts of printer
  • Advantage: possible to print in color
  • Disadvantage :
  1. Using expensive label media only for inkjet due to feature of water-based ink.
  2. Low printing quality regarding bar code & QR code& a small word.
  3. Vulnerability concerning to water resistance and chemical durability.

ghs label printing

LED laser printer

Listed below are a few specs of digital label printer:

  1. Color printing
  2. Excellent water resistance
  3. Chemical resistance
  4. Durability of abrasion
  5. Light stability and outstanding label resistance
  6. High quality in printing tiny words
  • Disadvantage: Initial investment cost

We, at Bitek Technology, have been already supplying GHS label printer to many chemical companies.We can print out GHS label that come with excellent label durability and also print out a variety of small quantity products at once for your products.

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We’ve been supplying GHS label printer to several chemical companies. Not only that, we also supply GHS labels and GHS label printers at reasonable price to you if you need. Please feel free to contact this information below with any questions and we shall try our best to answer any of your queries.