Anytron Improves CJ’s inventory efficiency

CJ, leading F&B company in Korea installed Anytron label print and die-cutter.

One of the global leader in F&B industry, CJ, installed in house label production system from anytron. CJ has been Exporting to different countries requires that the incoming product is in their language, legible, and able to be scanned at necessary points throughout the process. EPC attaches labels on packages in varying languages.

A company that has to outsource this label printing to other companies increases the risk of delivery and quality issues. Since there are already issues in the supply chain, increasing shipping efficiency and accuracy with onsite label printing will improve overall processing.

Along with others in the industry, CJ Export Processing Center has encountered delivery issues as well as increased costs. They have also experienced quality issues because of inventory degradation due to product sitting on a shelf for too long.

The purchase of an inhouse printer for their labels reduces these concerns for EPC. It also provides ability for a quick turnaround when changes are made.

Their team identified, “To improve these issues, we started to look for solution that got offered from anytron, and now we are using digital label printer Any-002 and laser die-cutter any-CUT  to produce labels on demand.” Once they began utilizing the Anytron in-house label printer and cutter they had significant reduction of waste.

This included waste in all areas, such as, deterioration of labels, production deficiencies and additional or unnecessary handling of product. EPC, as of now, has had “printing in house ratio expanded to 50% of the total volume. They also “plan to establish the goal that printing labels in house 100% by next year.”

The process of bringing printing in-house has increased capacity, processing time, and technology. They have stated that their “next plan is to print labels 100% in house for exporting. And we are considering expanding the print capacity by using Anytron solution to achieve the goal. We will continuously cooperate with anytron, and we plan to continuously pursue innovation and efforts to become the world’s best fulfillment center.

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