Laser label finisher any-CUT III : The best way to finish short run labels

What is Autojob chageover?

There is a unique feature called auto job changeover system for finishing short run labels. It is a useful option if you have multiple jobs in small quantities. You can see how it works in this video.

Is it the best way to finishing short run labels? Yes.

You can meet this smart feature on anytron’s all finisher.  This feature is provided by anytron’s 9 inch laser finisher any-CUT II and 13-inch laser finisher any-CUT III as well as the True digital inline label press ‘any-JET II. Don’t spend long hours working on a variety of small tasks. Do label finishing work quickly with our smart function.

How to change the job automatically

Auto job changeover enables multi-jobs printed on one roll by reading a qr code of each job, which automatically changes cutting data without any involvements of user.

Auto job changeover is embedded for users to change their job automatically by reading a QR code that is printed from print engine. It extracts cutting lines from printing design when user loads design to the system and the cutting data automatically sends to laser die cutter to be ready for production. It is able to handle multiple jobs in a single roll with no need for manual job changeovers; inherently, making the machine operator’s job minimal.

The advantages of laser

The obvious benefit to laser die cutting is that it eliminates the need for solid or flexible dies, which includes ordering, manufacturing and shipping time, storage, wear, and sharpening. Preparation time and waste are minimal. The operating software is constantly improving, and now can incorporate job data of all kinds and enable auto job changeover—switching from one die cutting pattern to another without hesitation so you no longer need to stop the machine to change dies between jobs.

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