[CASE STUDY]Optimizing Short-Run Label :Hanbit PNT’s Investment in Anytron ANY-JETIII

Optimizing Short-Run Label: Hanbit PNT’s Investment in Anytron ANY-JET III

“Anytron was very helpful and professional throughout the procurement and installation process,
helping us conduct several trials before we committed.”

Hanbit PNT installs ANY-JETIII

 Hanbit PNT, a Korean label manufacturer, has recently installed Anytron ANY-JET III, Digital in-line label print and Laser finishing system to broaden its business for short-run labels.

 Hanbit PNT has been supplying label orders by outsourcing label products from other printing shops to customers. However, most of these printing shops use analog equipment such as flexo, which limits them to accepting only large-volume orders. With the increasing number of customers requesting small quantity orders, they have considered and decided to purchase their own digital equipment.

After the installation of ANY-JET III, Hanbit could digitally produce small batch label products and package printing, enabling them to respond to customer orders that demanded small quantities. This led to an increase in our capacity to handle orders and discovered new market opportunities.

 The capabilities of ANY-JET III, A Digital in-line label are essential for Hanbit PNT’s expansion into new markets. This equipment is optimized for small-batch printing and provides the added benefit of performing laser cutting operations seamlessly, eliminating the need for a separate cutter. Additionally, integrating ANY-JET III with ANY-FLOW, a powerful workflow software, further enhances its functionality and streamlines the label production process.

 ANY-FLOW, the workflow software accompanying ANY-JET III, offers a range of features that significantly enhance the efficiency and convenience of the label production process:

  1. Hot folder: By simply placing the file in the designated hot folder, ANY-FLOW automatically sends it to the cutting software for immediate processing. This feature is particularly advantageous when managing a large volume of jobs, as it eliminates the need for manual intervention.
  2. Job management: ANY-FLOW provides comprehensive job management capabilities, including job history management, the ability to reload completed tasks, and control over job-related functions such as deleting, adding, and changing priority. These features allow users to effectively organize and prioritize their label production tasks.
  3. Inline system: With ANY-FLOW’s integrated workflow software, users can seamlessly control both the printing and cutting processes simultaneously, without the need for a separate program. This integrated functionality is especially advantageous when used alongside a printer, enabling a streamlined and efficient production workflow.

“We find the ANY-JET III very simple to operate, with optimized inline workflow software and controls. Anytron was very helpful and professional throughout the procurement and installation process, helping us conduct several trials before we committed.”

“With ANY-JET III, we can quickly respond to small batch label orders and complete the entire digital label production process from printing to finishing using just one machine. Considering these benefits, we are contemplating further investments in another ANY-JET III system.” General Manager at Hanbit PNT

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