Year in Review: Anytron ‘s Highlights of 2023

Year in Review:
Highlights of 2023

As we bid farewell to the dynamic year that was 2023, filled with innovation and significant milestones, let’s take a moment to reflect on three key moments that shaped Anytron ‘s journey and left an impact on the printing and packaging landscape. Join us in revisiting these transformative highlights, embodying a year marked by growth, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions.



In the rich tapestry of 2023, one noteworthy thread was woven in August when the Sunchang Agricultural Technology Center embraced progress by integrating Anytron’s ANY-JET II. A beacon of agricultural excellence in Korea, the center’s choice to invest in this cutting-edge In-house Fully Digital In-line label press marked not just a technological upgrade but a commitment to advancing the local agricultural ecosystem.

The subsequent Sunchang Fermented Food Festival, coupled with Anytron’s seminar, illuminated the broader significance of the investment. It became a platform not only for creating labels and pouch packaging but a space for dialogue on elevating the competitiveness of local products. The ANY-JET II, with its versatility and compact design, emerged as a solution not just for festivals but for diverse events, effectively meeting Sunchang’s collaborative branding needs.

As we turn the pages to a new year, Anytron remains dedicated to empowering farmers and businesses alike with innovative solutions. Join us on this journey towards excellence.



In the grand tapestry of Labelexpo Europe 2023, Anytron’s presence was a vibrant patch that drew attention and applause. The star of the show was ANY-PRESS, a five-color dry toner press that seamlessly blended innovation and functionality. Housed in Hall 8, it showcased not just wide-format capabilities but also integrated laminating functions within a compact frame.

The success story unfolded beyond ANY-PRESS, as our compact all-in-one laser finishing solution, ANY-CUT II, garnered substantial interest. This triumphant debut was a testament to the anticipation in the label and flexible packaging printing market. As we express gratitude for the trust bestowed upon us by patrons and partners, we look ahead to further innovations in the coming year.


digital laser finisher Anytron cut3- front-small


Amid the intricate patterns of business challenges, “C” Company found a transformative thread in Anytron’s ANY-CUT III. In the pursuit of delivering custom-printed promotional products like wet wipes, they faced hurdles in meeting short lead times and the high costs associated with outsourcing label cutting. The installation of ANY-CUT III turned these challenges into opportunities.

This cutting-edge solution streamlined label cutting production, enhancing efficiency and flexibility. The dual winder feature allowed simultaneous processing of multiple orders, reducing lead times and contributing to increased customer satisfaction. As we celebrate the success of “C” Company, we recognize the broader implications of ANY-CUT III for businesses across various industries.

As the curtain falls on 2023, these stories encapsulate not just technological advancements but the spirit of collaboration, resilience, and progress. We look forward to the next chapter, where Anytron continues to be your partner in innovation.

Looking Forward to 2024: Empowering Innovation with Purpose

At the core of our approach lies a profound understanding of our customers’ unique challenges and aspirations. Our success is not solely measured by technological advancements but by the success stories of our customers. By consistently prioritizing flexibility and responsiveness to market demands, we aim to serve as the catalyst for our customers’ triumphs.

Entering 2024, our focus continues to exceed expectations. We don’t just provide cutting-edge technology; we strive to empower our customers to overcome daily obstacles in the global Label and Packaging industry. Our dedication to delivering tailored products and services underscores our commitment to understanding the distinctive aspects of each customer’s business.

In the upcoming year, Anytron envisions a future where innovation is not merely a pursuit but a purpose—a purpose that transforms challenges into opportunities and enables our customers to thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape. Join us on this journey as we shape the future of Label and Packaging Printing. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of breakthroughs, collaboration, and shared success.

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