Sip, Print, Repeat: Ultimate Guide to Crafting Christmas beer Labels with ANY-JET II

Sip, Print, Repeat:
Ultimate Guide to Crafting Christmas beer Labels


Are you tired of the same old Christmas market offerings? This year, get ready to stand out with limited-edition seasonal craft beers featuring specially crafted Christmas beer labels. Breweries are gearing up for the festive season by creating unique seasonal brews and eye-catching packaging. In this post, we’ll introduce how you can elevate your craft beer game with Christmas beer labels using ANY-JET II.

Crafting Craft Christmas Beer Labels with ANY-JET II

Step 1

Sharp Printing

ANY-JET II supports high-resolution printing at 1600x1600dpi. Bring your Christmas beer label designs to life with crisp details, ensuring even the smallest text, like ingredient lists, prints cleanly without any blurring.


Step 2

Lamination Options

Before labels are cut in the printing module, they can undergo coating in the lamination module. Utilize glossy, matte, holographic, or other coatings to create Christmas beer labels that suit each product’s mood, adding a distinctive touch to your brews.

Step 3

Precision Laser Cutting

Labels printed in high resolution go through the laser cutting process. With Anytron’s longstanding technology, labels are precisely and rapidly cut, offering options such as half-cut, full-cut, perforation, and marking—all in one go.


Step 4

Efficient Waste Removal

After cutting, labels are prepared for immediate use through the Waste Remover and Slitting process, streamlining the post-production phase.

Why Craft Christmas Beer Labels

with ANY-JET II?

3 Compelling Reasons:


All-in-one Solution

ANY-JET II is an all-encompassing solution, reducing workflow time by over 80% compared to traditional analog methods. The Auto Job Changeover module reads QR codes, automatically loading cutting parameters, enabling seamless transitions between different label designs without interruption.


Ease of Use

ANY-JET II is designed for simplicity. Even if you’re a printing novice, a short training period is all you need to become an expert in crafting perfect Christmas beer labels. ANY-FLOW, Anytron’s dedicated software, features a user-friendly interface, allowing control of the entire equipment with minimal learning curve.


Ideal Size for Office

Impressively compact, ANY-JET II easily fits into limited office spaces. It operates on single-phase electricity, reducing power consumption. The small size and ergonomic design enhance comfort and efficiency.

In today’s ever-changing landscape, seasonal products come and go throughout the year. To create the labels you envision, the optimal solution is right here. Explore ANY-JET II today, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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