The Benefits of In-House Label Printing for Coffee Makers: Say Goodbye to Outsourcing

The Benefits of In-House Label Printing for Coffee Makers: Say Goodbye to Outsourcing

From Cost Savings to Customization: Why Coffee Makers Should Go In-House for Label Printing

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Coffee makers have become an essential part of our daily lives. With the growing demand for various types of coffee and increasing competition in the market, it is crucial for coffee makers to stand out and create a unique brand identity. One aspect that often gets overlooked is the labeling of coffee products. Many coffee makers outsource their label printing to external vendors, but there is a strong case to be made for bringing this process in-house. In this article, we will explore the reasons why coffee makers should consider in-house label print to finish instead of relying on outsourcing.

Understanding In-House Label Print

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Definition and Importance

In-house label print refers to the practice of printing labels for coffee products within the coffee maker’s own facility, using their equipment and resources. It offers several advantages, including greater control over the label design, quality, and customization options. By having the ability to print labels in-house, coffee makers can ensure their products align with their brand image and meet the specific requirements of their target audience.

Benefits of In-House Label Print

In-house label print provides coffee makers with the flexibility to respond quickly to market trends and customer demands. They can easily make changes to label designs, incorporate new branding elements, or promote limited edition products. Moreover, it eliminates the need for long lead times and minimum order quantities imposed by external printing vendors, enabling coffee makers to save time and reduce costs.

The Drawbacks of Outsourcing

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Dependency on External Factors

When coffee makers outsource their label printing, they become dependent on external factors such as the availability and reliability of the printing vendor. Any delays or issues faced by the vendor can directly impact the coffee maker’s production and supply chain, leading to potential customer dissatisfaction and lost sales.

Lack of Control and Flexibility

Outsourcing label printing also means relinquishing control over the design and customization process. Coffee makers may have to compromise on their creative vision and branding strategies due to the limitations imposed by external vendors. Additionally, making changes or updates to label designs can be time-consuming and costly when relying on outsourced printing.

The Advantages of In-House Label Print to Cut

Quality Control and Customization

By bringing label printing in-house, coffee makers gain full control over the quality of the printed labels. They can ensure consistent color reproduction, accurate alignment of text and graphics, and use high-quality materials. This level of control allows coffee makers to maintain brand consistency and enhance the overall perception of their products. Furthermore, in-house label print enables customization options that cater to specific customer preferences, making the coffee packaging more appealing and engaging.

Cost Efficiency and Time Savings

While there may be an initial investment required to set up an in-house label printing facility, the long-term cost savings can be significant. By eliminating the need to outsource, coffee makers can avoid markups imposed by external vendors and reduce transportation costs. Additionally, in-house printing allows for in-house label production, eliminating the need to maintain large inventories and reducing the risk of obsolescence. This results in streamlined operations, reduced lead times, and increased efficiency throughout the production process.

Tailoring Labels to Target Audience

In-house label print offers the opportunity to tailor labels specifically to the target audience. Coffee makers can conduct thorough market research and incorporate design elements that resonate with their customers’ preferences and lifestyles. By understanding their target audience’s needs and desires, coffee makers can create labels that not only attract attention but also establish an emotional connection with consumers. This personalized approach enhances brand loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

The Role of Inline Label Print in In-house Coffee Packaging

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After printing, the rolls are typically returned to the die-cutting equipment for the cutting process. However, utilizing an inline label press allows for the printing and cutting to be done simultaneously in the desired shape, eliminating the need for two separate processes. An example of this is Anytron’s in-line label press, ANY-JET, where the label printing and cutting devices are connected in-line. This enables convenient and rapid production of labels in the desired shape by simply installing a single roll. By integrating inline label print, coffee producers can achieve greater efficiency, reduce production time, and ensure accurate label placement on the coffee packaging.

Understanding Laser Finishing Machines

Laser finishing machines bring an additional level of sophistication to coffee labels by providing a range of embellishments and effects. These machines employ laser technology to produce intricate designs, textures, and finishes on labels, enhancing the visual appeal and branding of coffee packaging. Typically, many print shops and brand owners use laser cutting machines independently. However, ANY-JET goes a step further by integrating the laser finisher with the label printer, allowing for seamless utilization of the laser’s capabilities.

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Advantages of In-house Coffee Label Print and Laser Finishing

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Unlimited Design Possibilities: In-house printing and laser finishing provide coffee producers with endless design options, allowing them to create labels that stand out on the shelves. From intricate patterns and textures to eye-catching finishes, these technologies offer a wide range of creative possibilities. You no longer have to stick to standardized shapes and sizes (square/rectangular) for your coffee labels. With in-house label printing and laser cutting, you can create labels that perfectly fit the shape (round, square, star-shaped, etc.) and size of your coffee products.

Inline Label Print: Streamlining Production Processes

Efficiency is paramount in the coffee packaging industry, where time-to-market and cost-effectiveness are critical factors. Inline label print technology eliminates the need for separate label outsourcing processes, streamlining production(print to finish) and reducing turnaround times. This integrated approach brings multiple benefits to coffee producers.

Steps for in-house coffee label print to cut with an inline label press

Set Print Parameters: Begin by configuring the print parameters in order to achieve precise and high-quality printing. This includes specifying the label size, print resolution, color profile, and any special effects that may be required. To simplify the process, you can utilize the ANY-FLOW software, which allows for the integration and management of all these settings simultaneously. Furthermore, variable data can be easily inserted if needed.

Initiate Label Printing: Send the label design file to the inline digital label press and start the printing process. The machine will print the labels according to the specified parameters, resulting in customized and vibrant labels.

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Inline Laser Cutting: The ANY-JET inline label press is equipped with a laser cutting mechanism that precisely cuts the labels as they are being printed. Configure the cutting parameters such as label shape and size.

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By following these steps, coffee producers can leverage the benefits of in-house label printing with an inline label press to achieve efficient and personalized label production. This technology streamlines the printing and cutting process, resulting in high-quality labels that contribute to attractive and marketable coffee packaging.

Case Studies: Success Stories

S Coffee maker

Company S, a well-established coffee manufacturer, had been outsourcing label printing for years. However, they faced challenges such as delays in label production, inconsistencies in quality, and limited customization options. Realizing the need for greater control, they made the decision to invest in an in-house label printing facility. This move significantly improved their production efficiency, reduced costs, and allowed them to maintain consistent branding across their product range. The ability to respond swiftly to market demands and introduce new label designs gave them a competitive edge and strengthened customer loyalty.


While there may be initial investments and considerations to be made, the long-term advantages outweigh the drawbacks of outsourcing. Coffee makers can establish a streamlined production process, reduce costs associated with external vendors, and have full control over label design and customization. This level of control not only enhances the overall quality of the labels but also enables coffee makers to align their branding strategies with their target audience’s preferences and increase brand loyalty.

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