ANY-CUT Excellence: A Deep Dive into the 5 Advantages of Digital Label Finishing

ANY-CUT Excellence:
A Deep Dive into the 5 Advantages
of Digital Label Finishing

Saying ‘Yes’ to Digitization: A Strategic Move for Converters


Unlocking the Future: The Digital Revolution in Label Converting industry

  In the dynamic landscape of the label converting industry, the winds of change blow stronger than ever. Traditionally, converters navigated the ‘all or nothing’ paradigm, relying on singular assets for entire production runs. However, a seismic shift is underway as digital assets find their place, offering avenues for heightened efficiency and cost savings. The era of limited editions, variable content, short runs, and high-agility requests is upon us. Embracing cost-effective and seamless customization through digital technology, brand owners can now effortlessly introduce more product versions and execute localized promotions as integral components of their marketing strategy.

Digital Label Finishing: A Gateway to Efficiency and Innovation

  As the label-converting industry evolves, equipment undergoes a transformative evolution, with workflows seamlessly transitioning to digital realms. Unlike traditional analog technology, digital label finishing emerges as a frontrunner, bringing to the table four differentiating assets: the absence of plates, faster press setup, virtually no makeready and running waste, and facile customization.

Key Advantages of Digital Label Finishing


Low Consumables Costs:

  • Digital label finishing eliminates the need for solid or flexible dies, eradicating associated costs such as ordering, manufacturing, shipping, storage, wear, and sharpening.
  • This minimizes preparation time and waste, with operating software continuously improving. It integrates various job data, enabling seamless auto job changeover.


Suitable for Small Batch, On-Demand Production:

  • While concerns about the speed of laser technology for large runs may arise, it becomes apparent that digital finishing excels in small and medium runs.
  • Customers increasingly recognize these advantages, understanding that digital finishing surpasses traditional equipment in terms of speed for these specific scenarios.
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Versatility in Handling Materials:

  • Digital laser finishing can safely handle a diverse range of materials, from art paper to PP, PET, and even VHB tape. Precise control over laser intensity and speed allows for customizable cutting on various media.


Various Functions in One Machine:

  • Within a single label job, digital laser finishers can implement various cutting methods such as Kiss cut, Through cut, Perforation, etc.
  • Unlike analog cutting methods that required separate processes for different cuts, digital laser finishing completes the necessary label in a single operation.


User-Friendly Operation:

  • Creating cutting lines through Adobe software and utilizing special software, digital laser finishers ensure ease of use.
  • Merely three days of training are sufficient to operate the machine, highlighting the user-friendly nature of this digital label finishing solution.

We have explored five key advantages of digital laser label finishing. Transitioning from analog to digital equipment often raises concerns about higher initial investment costs. However, embracing digital opportunities is a profitable investment. Research indicates that despite the initial perception of digital technology being expensive, the profit per employee can be up to twice as high as analog. The hesitancy to adopt new technology may stem from a lack of a clear understanding of actual production costs. As trends increasingly lean towards or demand digital, converters stand to gain immense value in the long run by embracing digital label finishing.

A Call to Action: The Time is Now

  When contemplating the acquisition of a digital label finisher like ANY-CUT, converters should envisage their digital business and acknowledge that more advanced and versatile solutions offer a myriad of opportunities. The time is now for converters to amalgamate decades-long analog expertise with digital capabilities and position themselves as industry leaders catering to evolving brand demands. In an era of digital transformation, saying ‘yes’ to digitization may initially seem costly but proves invaluable in securing a prosperous future for converters in the label printing industry.

Introducing Anytron Digital Laser Finishing Solution ANY-CUT

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  ANY-CUT stands out as the optimal choice for businesses in search of efficient, budget-friendly, and top-tier label-cutting solutions. Whether you’re a startup, a small-scale label manufacturer, or engaged in short-run label production, ANY-CUT revolutionizes the label-cutting industry with its die-less cutting, precision, material adaptability, and design versatility. Embrace the trend of small-batch label production with Anytron ANY-CUT and position yourself at the forefront of the ever-evolving label market.

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