Window Pouch printing –Pack Your Product in a Creative Way

Window Pouch printing –Pack Your Product in a Creative Way

window pouchesWindow pouches are a creative way to pack your food product. Their large surface area on the front and back offers you enough space not only to pack food items but also to convey a brand message or building a reputation for yourself right then and there. You can utilize this canvas to tell the story of your product – ‘what makes it unique?’, ‘what qualities make it better than its competitors?’, and other small and big interesting bits of information. Window pouch printing can effectively help you to do so.

Why communication through your packaging items is a must?

window pouch cutting

Communication experts say that we do not merely communicate through words. Gestures and expressions on our faces also play an important role. According to the Wikipedia article on “Nonverbal communication,” a focused person uses all five senses to receive a message. Of all five senses, hearing (11 percent) plays a smaller role compared to sight (83 percent). In colloquial language, most of the information that our brain receives comes through our eyes. Transparent windows capitalize on this information.

So, why should you let this amazing opportunity slip out of your hands when you can embed the front of your pouch with impressive window pouch printing that plays on different senses of the customer at the same time?

This video shows the production of a window pouch with any-JET II. In analog processes, you can only print a single roll and also different equipment must be used for full cutting and lamination which is not only time-consuming but not just with the cost-related element as well. However, since any-JET II has a printer and laser cutter in one device, it is possible to print out the design, full-cut or laser scribing, and trimming at a single pass which saves enormous time and money on your part.

How is this Unique?

Window pouch printing requires mass production and costs are higher than normal pouches. Pouches with a variety of windows can be produced as soon as the design is changed, with any-JET II, this is nothing short of a hallmark in the line of printing. Besides squares and circles, you can make any window pouch in the world that embodies your product shape.

A Clear Window pouch printing

A clear window in a pouch is a transparent part of the packaging. Consumers can see through this transparent window. This approach to packaging has a twofold advantage – it lets consumers view a product before buying, and it lets consumers monitor usage. You are promoting your brand with window pouch printing at the front but are also providing your customers a way to see the product in its entirety developing feelings of trust and loyalty towards your brand.

Visual Appeal

pouchWhen a consumer can see fresh granola, coffee beans, tea, chocolate, and other food products without tearing open a pouch, they are more likely to buy it and it is a marketing fact. A transparent window sends across the message that your customers yet can be sure of the quality of your product. It makes them confident of your product and makes them more likely to pay for it.

Once your product has been bought, a transparent window helps consumers monitor consumption. When they can notice how much of the product they have used, and they will turn up to buy more before all of it has been exhausted. This in itself is a genius marketing tactic for the growth of your brand.

Final Words- The smartest way for window pouch printing

Transparent windows are strong. If you want awesome-looking granola or nut packaging, you must try them. A transparent window gives some strong and decent vibes about the brand in question and the awesome window pouch printing on the front strengthens it. If you are interested in learning more about how clear window pouch making can help you tell your story, we suggest you visit our website. There you’ll find ample information on window pouch printing to increase sales and engagement to your brand.

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