Exploring Pouch Printing Media: A Guide for Optimal Selection

Exploring Pouch Printing Media
: A Guide for Optimal Selection

Pouches, rivalling labels in usage, play a crucial role in the packaging industry. Pouch printing, with distinct features from label printing, emphasizes the significance of thoughtful media selection. This blog explores the various types of pouch printing media and introduces the innovative solution provided by Anytron’s ANY-PRESS.

Common Types and Structures of pouch printing media

  • Surface Films:
    • For frozen or vacuum pouches, NY is a common choice, while PET and POO are prevalent for other purposes.
    • OPP is not typically preferred for stand-up pouches or those with zippers due to low heat resistance.
    • PET, although widely used for its printability, poses risks of tearing during freezing and heightened static electricity compared to other films.

  • Inner Films:
    • LLDPE and CPP are primary choices. LLDPE, a type of PE, offers excellent flexibility and heat processability, though it carries the inherent odor of PE. CPP, though colorless and odorless, requires caution due to lower seal strength compared to PE.

What to Select Surface and Inner Films

  • Surface Film Selection:
    • NY is preferred for frozen storage and vacuum pouches.
    • OPP is less favored for stand-up and zipper pouches.
    • PET is commonly used for its excellent printability, but caution is needed for freezing.

  • Inner Film Selection:
    • LLDPE is known for its flexibility and excellent heat processability.
    • CPP, although odorless and colorless, requires attention due to its lower seal strength compared to PE.

Introduction to Specific Media Types

  1. LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene):
    • Excellent strength, processability, and optical properties make it a widely used material in various industrial and food packaging applications.
  2. Nylon:
    • Known for superior impact strength, pinhole resistance, and oxygen barrier properties. Widely used in food packaging and various household items.
  3. OPP (Oriented Polypropylene Film):
    • Transparent, glossy, and effective moisture barrier. Commonly used in bread bags, dried seafood, and high-speed automatic packaging.
  4. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate):
    • Boasts high strength, making it suitable for packaging processed foods; however, caution is required for freezing applications.
  5. Aluminium:
    • Non-toxic and excels in blocking external factors like moisture and oxygen. Commonly used in packaging for products sensitive to aroma and moisture.
  6. CPP (Cast Polypropylene Film):
    • Offers excellent transparency, glossiness, and printability, making it suitable for flexible packaging, including bread bags and high-speed automatic packaging.

Recognizing the limitations of single-material pouches in adapting to the dynamic needs of the market, it becomes evident that a more versatile solution is imperative. As consumer preferences evolve and product specifications change, the demand for flexible and customizable packaging solutions intensifies. Enter ANY-PRESS, a revolutionary solution designed to bridge the gap between traditional constraints and the ever-shifting landscape of pouch printing.

In a world where adaptability is key, ANY-PRESS stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering businesses to seamlessly navigate through diverse customer requirements and swift changes in product or packaging design. Let’s delve into the transformative capabilities of ANY-PRESS, unlocking a new era in pouch printing that goes beyond the limitations of single-material approaches.

ANY-PRESS‘s Innovative Solution for Pouch Media

  • Diverse Test Printing: Easily conduct test prints for pouch material and design changes.
  • Varied Design Outputs: Print multiple designs with a few clicks, applying different colors for diverse moods.
  • Variable Data Printing: Effortlessly print barcodes, QR codes, numbering, and other variable data.
  • Sharp Output on different types of Media: Achieve crisp prints on dark colors or kraft paper with white output.

In the ever-evolving landscape of pouch printing, media selection plays a pivotal role. ANY-PRESS emerges as an innovative solution, effectively addressing the need for diverse media choices and offering a perfect blend of customer satisfaction and technological advancement. Witness the future of pouch printing unfold with ANY-PRESS.

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