Say Goodbye to Outsourced Die Cutting!

Say Goodbye to Outsourced Die Cutting!

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Are you a print shop owner with a label printer equipped with rotary, flexo, or digital label presses? With more customers demanding smaller orders, printing labels on your equipment and outsourcing cutting every time can be a tedious process. In this article, we’ll explore why you should introduce an in-house cutter for your labels instead of outsourcing and the benefits of cutting low-volume, high-variety labels.

Problems with Outsourcing Label Cutting


Outsourcing label cutting may seem like a convenient option, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Firstly, outsourcing may lengthen lead times, as you’ll have to wait for completion before continuing label production. Quality control is also challenging with outsourced cutting, due to limited visibility and control over the process. Additionally, outsourcing may ultimately cost more, factoring in service fees and shipping expenses.

5 Reasons to Introduce an In-house Cutter for Your Labels

Here are the five reasons why having an in-house cutter for your labels can benefit your business:

Increased Control

By having an in-house cutter, you have greater control over the production process.

You can monitor the quality of your labels more closely and ensure that they meet your exact specifications.

Faster Turnaround Times

Outsourcing your labels can often result in longer lead times, as you’re reliant on external suppliers.

With an in-house cutter, you can respond more quickly to changes in demand or new product launches.

Cost Savings

While there may be some initial investment required to set up the equipment and train staff, having an in-house cutter can offer cost savings in the long run.

You won’t need to pay for external suppliers and you can save on shipping costs.

Improved Efficiency

By bringing label cutting in-house, you can improve your overall efficiency and productivity.

You won’t need to rely on external suppliers and can have greater control over your production schedule.


Having an in-house cutter gives you more flexibility to experiment with new designs or materials.

You can quickly produce new labels without having to wait for external suppliers, allowing you to be more responsive to customer needs.

Equipment Options for In-house Label Cutting

If you’re considering introducing an in-house cutter for your labels, you have three equipment options to choose from: rotary cutter, laser cutter, and plotter.

Rotary Cutter vs Laser Cutter vs Plotter

Rotary Cutter vs Laser Cutter vs Plotter

Each type of equipment has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Rotary equipment is a great option for high-volume label cutting, but the cost of customizing flexible dies for each order can be significant in terms of both money and time. Laser cutting is a great option if you need to cut a variety of designs in small quantities or if you’re looking to work with different materials, such as tapes and reflective films. Plotters are ideal for producing smaller quantities of labels and offer a cost-effective option for low-volume label cutting.

Benefits of Laser Cutting Low-volume, High-variety Labels

wine label cutting

Low-volume, high-variety laser label cutting offers a range of benefits, including precise cutting for intricate shapes, versatile cutting through a range of materials, fast cutting for high-mid volume production, cost-effectiveness without the need for expensive tooling or dies, and an efficient process with minimal waste and easy customization.

  • Precise cutting for intricate shapes
  • Versatile cutting through a range of materials
  • Fast cutting for high-mid volume production
  • Cost-effective without the need for expensive tooling or dies
  • Efficient process with minimal waste and easy customization.
  • Fully Compatible with All Digital Label Printers

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The ANY-CUT III laser cutter can cut at speeds up to 45M/min, making it the perfect pairing for medium and high-end labelers (Xeikon, Dantex, KM, Epson, Screen, etc.), while the ANY-CUT II is perfect for use with smaller digital label printers (OKI, Primera, Memjet, Epson, etc.) thanks to its smaller.

Watch videos demonstrating the ANY-CUT laser cutting solutions.

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