On-demand digital packaging system ‘any-PACK’

On-demand digital packaging system ‘any-PACK’

Any-Pack, Digital packaging system that suitable for users who has various designs of packaging in small quantity.

The U.S. market research company Packaged Facts has announced five major trends that shape food and beverage packaging. The company revealed that constant demographic changes are leading to changes in food and beverage packaging trends. As more people are living alone recently, food and beverage packages sized to serve one or two people have become a trend. Simpler, Smaller, More Convenient, and Safer. Global trends related to food packaging are progressing in a more convenient, trustworthy, and eco-friendly direction.

1)  Smaller packages

  • With one- or two-person households representing 61 percent of all households, small food and beverage packages have become a big trend.

2) Eco-friendly

  • Eco-friendly materials are used for packaging to prevent environmental pollution and to promote purchases. Miniaturization of packages inevitably produces more waste, and therefore there are growing number of consumers who are concerned about environmental pollution.

[Source: Packaged Facts report]

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As the number of delivery orders increase as online market continues to grow, popularity of protective packaging materials and environmentally friendly packaging materials is growing. The U.S. online market is expected to grow further, and the pouch packaging is expected to become a big market due to growing demand. Most of U.S. food companies are relying mostly on imported packaging materials instead of producing them by themselves. Therefore, U.S. demand for Korea’s high-quality pouch packaging materials is expected to increase.

[Source: Modern Materials Handling, Plasteurope]

any-PACK  provides a one-stop packaging solution! 

[any-002 packaging printer]

– The digital laser printer engine can print on packages with excellent water resistance, heat/cold resistance and abrasion resistance.

– Wide variety of printable materials such as eco-friendly paper and flexible package etc.

– The any-PACK includes the any-RIP software to get the best color management and Variable data printing (numbering, barcode and QR code)

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