Understanding In-house label making system

Understanding In-house label making system

inhouse label making

*Picture : Korea’s G Company, which uses any-002 and any-CUT III of anytron in practice.

It is a known fact that all products produced by different manufacturers such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc. are required to be labeled. Proper labeling not only is important for their identification and providing vital information to the users but for giving them a standout appearance as well. Many companies, due to budget constraints, do not have in house label making system. This is why they rely on outsourcing printing companies for producing labels for them. Ordering the needed labels by calling printing company directly is one of the convenient ways as well.

However, there are certain drawbacks and limitations associated with outsourcing label production services. These include:

– The cost of unnecessary labels is also charged due to the base purchase quantity. Therefore, getting labels from an outsourcing company may prove to be expensive.

– You need to wait at least 2-3 days to get labels. This can prove to be a major drawback if you require labels on an urgent basis.

– As the regulation changes often, the existing labels become useless. This can result in a waste of resources.

– It is difficult to take care of all the variety of labels as not many outsourcing companies have expertise in producing labels in different types and designs.

– The printing company does not treat and support small quantity, even though there are lots of labels need a small amount.

Introducing anytron in-house label system

In order to solve these problems, we offer our “In-house label making system” to meet the need of our customers.

In-house label making system is a digital solution that small quantity batch production is allowed without any unnecessary stock.

This system requires only a digital printer and a laser die-cutter.

We are welcoming all customers who need a digital label solution and can provide support and consultation to them in all kinds of ways. (label consulting, sample production, equipment demo and so on.)

We would like you to feel free to contact us anytime so that we could solve your problems related to getting digital labels.

Thank you.