How to overcome COVID-19 through contactless demo

How to overcome COVID-19

through contactless demo

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anyjet2 online demo

After launching inline label press any-JET II in last year, we got a lot of interests and inquiries for any-JET II, ​​a 100% digital label printing & die-cutting machine not only in domestic market but also in overseas.

We also wanted to launch the inline label press any-JET II at the exhibition in overseas as many customers in overseas wanted to check actual capability of any-JETII in person, but it was too difficult to demonstrate the equipment in person due to COVID-19.

There were many overseas customers were waiting to see any-JETII, so we planned a ‘real-time online demo’, and so far, more than 40 online demos have been done very successfully.

So, I would like to reveal a little bit about how online demos are going.

The company to introduce in this demo content is Slumberjack coffee in Ireland.

The company manufactures and sells coffee beans and coffee-related products. Currently, the labels are outsourced from a printing house, but they felt limitations due to the large number of products sold in small batches and a wide variety of designs.

They found out about the inline label printing & die-cutting machine  any-JET II through web searching, and although it is small in size, they were very impressed with the capability that laminating, die-cutting, matrix removal, and slitting all done at once.

We have demonstrated with the sample (below) and we made additional label design to show them the convenient Auto job change over system.

coffee label printing

*The GIF files shown below are all captured demo scenes!

Slumberjack sells a lot of coffee bean-related products. currently, only simple shapes such as circles and rectangles had to be made, and when changing the size, it takes 1-2 days to order a Flxeible die (ring knife), which is very inconvenient. They tried to purchase a digital label printer and a die cutter, but they were worried that it might take a too long time to produce as They need to produce a variety of labels in small batches.

laser cutting

 any-JET II inline label press enables to print and die-cut with various cut lines at once, so a ‘industrial 4.0’ system will be possible that can greatly reduce production time and resources.

In addition, thanks to characteristic of the laser, there is no need to change the die when the label design is changed, and as you can see in the above picture, you can have various cutting functions such as kiss cut, through cut, marking, perforation at once.

fullcut laser

The advantage of online demos is that there are no restrictions on time/space!

Although the schedule must be arranged in advance, demonstrations can be conducted in real time with many customers at once, as long as there is an internet connection, we can arrange demo at anywhere, regardless of distance.

Although it might not be enough compared to see our machine at site, but customers are very impressed with the fact that they can check the output in real time even though it is a contactless meeting and they can closely check each part of any-JET II with high quality video studio system at anytron.

What are you waiting for? Let’s schedule your demo today!

any-JET II Label & Flexible packaging press

  • High resolution Memjet inkjet printer + laser finisher
  • Printing, laminating, laser scribing, Matrix removal and slitting in one unit
  • High speed printing and cutting up to 18M/min
  • It is small footprint machine that can be installed in office environment.

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